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To get this result, our goal is to integrate advancement growing method that will provide us to grow very huge popcorn-like colas. A cola is the group of buds. This is cola enhancement derive that the bottom of the branches of the cannabis plant do not acquire light from HID to absorb this happen especially in indoor growing setup and that due to the fanning of leaves they became crappy smoke. In the advanced grow setup series permit us to focus growth on the bud or the top part of the plant by maximizing. Advancing our method focus on the cola or the top part of a cannabis plant that gives the most bud at this point by doing so the cola part of the plant grow becomes really big.

Since you know the basic in handling critical element in a grow room time to level it up and look for the possibility of advanced growing cannabis set up. This setup can even increase and even enhanced more of your yield and quality of your cannabis harvest.

It is really up to you on how far you would go can apply this method for your own benefit. It is very rewarding to accomplish your goal in building such growing garden and then be gratified with the quality and quantity of harvest is maximized.

Ever imagine having that perfect strain you always dream about? Having the effects of cannabis A with your favourite smell that comes out from cannabis B (this is just an example for all cannabis smoke smells all the same, unless it’s commercialized) imagine you’re a cat lover and a dog lover at the same time, you want to have the good traits of the dog which can bark when he sees someone at night, and the mouse catching capabilities of the cat rolled into one pet?

Make sure you have your different room where these two plants can freely pollinate; a good room with a good ventilation system helps the pollen transfer from the male plant and into the pistils of the female plant. After the pollination happens, the female plant would now produce seeds and focuses on producing seeds rather than its bud. If you have heard of the F1 and F2 of plant botany this would make it easier for you to understand.

Now you have a dog-cat, this dog-cat can have the qualities of the dog and also the cat, now you have the perfect pet at your disposal. Imagine doing this to your cannabis plant. Take one good thing from this strain and one good trait from another strain and creating that super cannabis plant, and name it your own, now that’s called a hybrid.

So how do we make our own hybrid cannabis plant? In order for the plants to multiply first they need to pollinate with each other. Meaning you need to have a male and female plant, choose from your two favourite strains. You need to have one male from your first favourite plant and a female with your second favourite plant.

The seeds produced on the pollination of your parent plants would produce the hybrid seeds. Those seeds are then kept and need to be set up for future use. When you interbreed your F1 seeds you would get the F2 generation, this generation would contain some different qualities, every seed would be different from another for this is the rule of genetics. Each and every seed that is under F2 carries different traits from their grandparents. You may not want these traits that suddenly show up so it is better to stick with your F1 generation to keep your strand as pure as possible.

Looking for the best spot to grow marijuana you really need to spend a lot of your time. First thing first you need to consider should be your site must be within reasonable distance for you to drive and haul the tools and quality supplies that you will need.

Basically Marijuana is in need of enormous amounts of water and food to yield quality marijuana. And in this case, you also need to visit the best site to grow marijuana from time to time to 10 to 14 days just to ensure on the water supply. Consider also putting continually fertilizers if there’s a need for it. And continue putting a fence as well. The most excellent to grow marijuana are you needed to use a fertilizer that is water soluble like liquid fish. You also must think all the risks that are next to the possible crop and make your own individual choice.

Plan the site

In growing quality and first class marijuana the most significant component is the highest sun exposure. When you are about to scout the best site for you to grow marijuana you need to consider the sun’s pathway that is qualified to the potential of growing site. Always remember that the sun always move towards the sky as the spring turns to summer time and fall.

Crop is coming! All your hardship in growing marijuana is about to paid off. On this note, you are now about to consider how to handle your crop appropriately, because this is the critical phase in growing marijuana. You must have the proper tools and amenities to carry all your yields as well. You will need a bigger house for your crop in curing your crop because all your hard work can be damaged by careless curing method. Marijuana curing is the most critical period. And in curing the marijuana you need to get the labored marijuana from the ground to your curing house. The most suitable pick-up technique is pick it up with a canopy and this is also the perfect means of transportation. With the help of trash bags or cardboard boxes will be also useful in towing the buds out of the patch and in transporting this to your home.

Hydroponically growing marijuana is as simple as you produce the plants in a motionless Growing marijuana hydroponically means that you produce the plants in a motionless, germ free way of growing instead of in top soil. Generally, all the plants need water and sunlight with these combinations it provide the plants necessary nutrients that are needed. Number of water that the plants needed is 80% to 95%, the rest are for carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Plants that are being labored out of these components naturally are actually very little compared to the entire weight of the plants. To generate quality harvest, the ambiance of the plants entirely restricted to this. There are a lot of choices to grow marijuana hydroponically it would always be your prerogative to choose one that would be easier for you to grow the plant. Each choice has its rewards on which one do you prefer. Most of the shops will help you a good quality advice inclusive of kits. Growing hydroponically if your resources stretches to this end then they are the perfect choice. However on some cases you will end up buying the basic tools that you don’t really needed. With the following basic principles, these you will put up your own system easily.