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Find the best quality weed seeds online at Weedseeds. You can buy cannabis genetics online at an affordable cost and get your order shipped immediately. Browse our website now!

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Seeds arrived. Had good success germinating, waiting for final product to see how each strain works out.

I prefer using for seeds

Send my money back please . I got a legit company they are the best ..( is the best company to deal with.❣💗❣❣

Seeds arrived

Check out BitzNBudz on wickr 😉

I received an email from i49 a week after I got my seeds to well they had not hit dirt yet, so I wait until now to review the seeds.
The seeds showed up quick in the mail. impressive
The seed packaging was phenomenal .. impressive
The Harlequin CBD feminized, -1:18 amazing under tow this strain.
Northern Lites (reg), this plant was amazing the colors were that of a rainbow, (Magic plant) I did get one male out of the two seeds I planted. I usually take the males out, but decided to grow this one. It had white hairs coming out of the pollen sacks.. Never seen that before..
Gorilla Glue feminized, a monster of a plant, the yield is tasty and very high %, quite impressed with GG, will purchase again.
plus the free seeds for spending a certain amount was Banana Kush – one out of 2 seeds did not pop. I opened it up and it was full of mold, good news though my second free seed in this current crop has popped. .
I wish I could post pictures, they tell the story better and I can.
The plant genetics are fantastic, all seeds but one germinated, by the way for all those complaining in the comments below, there is a 80% guarantee. The plants turned out very very good. I've been growing this plant for 30 years and I am happy with this purchase and will buy from you nice folks again.

Don't waste your money with this company. I gave them 150$ and they sold me duds. I've germinated seeds before with great luck and even had someone who runs and operates a green house double check everything so I didn't waste 150$. Thanks for stealing my money Weed Seeds 🙂

I order a big order from i49 and I’ve been wait 5 months I haven’t got a tracking number or anything
I’ve been trying to get a hold of them no answer.. then finally a call back from USA i49
And she tells me that I won’t have to explain to anyone else they’re going to send my order out. Then 5 minutes later sends me an email telling me they don’t support the i49 Canada and there’s nothing they can do. ( even know it’s the same website contact same numbers and everything!! )
They ripped me off. Do not buy from i49!! USA or Canada i49. I have proof just ask and I’ll show anyone!

Regular seeds will produce either male or female plants, and they are generally not genetically modified. It’s easy to find organic, non-GMO regular seeds online, but novice growers should know they will have to be well versed in identifying male plants if they want to wind up with smokable marijuana. Regular seeds also require a full growing season.

Consumers in states and provinces where recreational cannabis is legal have some options. They can save seeds from their previous crops, buy seeds from a dispensary, or purchase seeds online from a seed bank like The latter of these options is almost always the best since it gives growers a far wider array of choices when it comes to marijuana strains and types. Consumers who live in states where recreational marijuana has not yet been legalized can still purchase seeds legally online and have them shipped in discreet packaging right to their doorsteps.

The laws regarding possession, use, and distribution of marijuana still vary substantially between countries, states, and provinces, but cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess, at least in the United States, even where marijuana consumption is still illegal. When consumers purchase marijuana seeds without the intent to cultivate them, they are considered an adult novelty good. American adults over the age of 21 can legally purchase seeds online regardless of where they live.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Until recently, the legal status of cannabis in North America was straightforward: it was banned. Thankfully, all that is starting to change. Canada has already federally legalized marijuana use and sales, Mexico’s current president is considering following suit given the success that its far-northern neighbor has had with legalization, and 33 United States have legalized some form of marijuana consumption. Given these trends, experts believe that the legal cannabis market will reach a value of $35 billion by 2023.

Most marijuana consumers know the difference between Indica and Sativa plants, but only true connoisseurs can distinguish between different strains of cannabis. Choosing which plants to grow requires a good deal of research, but here are a few suggestions to get novice growers started.

Hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds. A few varieties to try are:

Auto-flowers are altered to begin producing buds after a predetermined amount of time instead of when plants reach a certain maturity level, which makes them perfect for growers who live in northern latitudes where there may not be enough sunlight or heat to facilitate a full growing season. They tend to flower earlier than regular seeds and produce maximum yields indoors. Auto-flowering seeds can also be feminized.