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We sell different Autoflowering seeds for Outdoor growing. Click to see our Autoflowering Seeds

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We sell different Outdoors seeds for all kinds of climate. Click to see our Outdoor Seeds

Amsterdam Seed Supply has experience with the best marijuana seeds available. Below is a selection of some of our favourite cannabis seeds and books.

All our seeds are grown, improved, stabilized and feminized by the expert Spanish growers who work exclusively for Royal Queen Seeds!

As an extra service for the shop’s many customers, the Royal Queen Seeds Store has now decided to start selling its entire assortment online, as well. The easy-to-use website presents all the products available in the shop for online sales.

An international offer

The Royal Queen Seeds Store assortment also includes seeds from the most renowned and appreciated Dutch brands, such as Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, High Quality Seeds, Black Label, Paradise Seeds and, of course, Dutch Passion. The shop has also decided to add a couple of excellent international colleagues to its selection, which means that Kannabia seeds (Spain) and the special Joint Doctor autoflowering Lowryders (also feminized!) from Italy are now available.

The Royal Queen Seeds Store opened in the heart of Amsterdam a few years ago – a small but highly-specialised shop that has been full ever since it opened, not just because of its excellent location but also thanks to the varied and high-quality product assortment, not to mention its affordable prices. Having seen thousands of visitors and foreign tourists pass through its doors, the Royal Queen Seeds Store has become a point of reference for growers from all over Europe.

The shop’s menu is perfect for its international vision. Due to their ever-growing popularity, feminized seeds are the most frequent item on the menu. Royal Queen Seeds, the shop’s own brand of seeds, are the most important and convenient on the market. You will, of course, also find well-known varieties such as White Widow and Northern Lights, but also the Spanish success, Critical, or the more traditional Dutch Amnesia Haze.

Consider the location and lay-out of your grow spot, such as your garden for instance. South or west-facing gardens catch the most daily sunlight. Do check for nearby trees, shrubs, and buildings that cast shadows to block the light. Pick a strategic spot that allows your leaves to make the most out of every last sunbeam.

You may think that growing cannabis outdoors is a no-brainer in terms of lighting; after all, the sun comes up on a daily basis, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not entirely correct, because the intensity and amount of sunlight determines how much grow power your plant can draw from it. That means it pays to think before you start, preferably using large pots for your plants so you can move them around later if you need more light or shelter.

For optimal lighting conditions, look for the best spot using these simple guidelines. Growing cannabis outdoors is also a great educational experience, and you just might add a new hobby to your repertoire. Be careful around nosy neighbors though. Not everyone appreciates the pungent smell of a flowering cannabis plant. Some appreciate it too much – you don’t want that guy next door sneaking off with your harvest.

Lighting For Outdoor Growers: Free Solar Power

Last but not least, every grower needs patience. It is nearly impossible to speed up the flowering process and ‘cheat nature’. Growing weed at home is a process to enjoy, as you wait for the right time to harvest. If you harvest your plants too early, they might not even have enough THC in them to provide the intended effect. Unless you want to throw in all your hard work for nothing, you’ll have to wait – watching the grass grow, so to speak. Patience is a virtue, though. It gives you time to really have a look at your plants and make sure they are okay – and not being attacked by snails and slugs for example, or falling prey to fungi like bud rot or mildew. It also gives you the opportunity to read our other blogs on growing weed at home.

Indoor growers need to keep the fresh air (rich in CO2) coming in and old air (rich in O2) going out. This requires an extractor fan with carbon filter for the smell, fans for air circulation and a fresh air inlet in a closed-off growing environment. This is also where growing outside saves you a lot of trouble.

Growing your own cannabis is easy, after all it’s called ‘weed’ for a reason. In fact, cannabis plants – depending on the endurance of individual strains – can handle more hardship than most plants in your backyard. This durability actually makes them hard to get rid of, much like regular ‘weeds’. Of course, you can ruin a grow if you want to, but if you know a few basic facts, you should be alright. Ironically, most of the classic screwups are caused by caring too much for the plant. So, in theory everybody is able to grow their own cannabis. The only things you need to grow your own usable crop are:

Ready – Steady – Grow!