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the best way to sell weed

But once you know the guy who can get you kilos, be smart and set yourself up with some underlings, aka fall guys. You’ll need them. But the kilos, break them up, deal to all your retailers and save your cash, don’t spend it on silly, useless things. Also keep a good attorney and bail bondsman on speed dial. You’ll need them too.

Pot sales are a lucrative business BUT a warning. any person asking “what’s the best way. ” is pretty mush destined to wear stripes.

Once you can get your hands on a few good kilos, the temptation to begin acting like a pimp, wearing flashy jewelry, driving fancy cars, having half naked women hanging on your arm, going to the club practically bragging about your profession is almost mandatory it seems.

Most people began as small time retailers, buying an ounce or two and splitting it into smaller bags for sale to lots of small time smokers. Once a reputation was earned for selling decent smoke at a fair price, several of your best customers can be turned into dealers themselves, earning a few bucks but also having the advantage of getting their weed cheaper. They sell to their friends and you move into buying by the kilo instead of by the ounce.

Ideally you want to be a distributor, not a retailer. However, becoming a pot distributor is not so easy, a crowded field requiring a substantial cash outlay.

Resist this at all costs. These are what is known in the industry as “bust bait” as any cop within a dozen miles will notice them, pull them over, frisk them and score his own free bag of enjoyment while bust bait rots away in a county jail somewhere.

It’s more difficult if you live in a legal state as most of the licenses to sell were bought up before it was made legal.

A marijuana field. Photograph: Stephanie Paschal / Rex Features

So what exactly makes for a good professional manager of marijuana for medical purposes?

2. Get to know the logistics

“A lot of people are buying marijuana,” Adams says. “There’s no doubt about that.” But does that mean the would-be marijuana seller has a built-in clientele? Not necessarily. “It’s going to be quite competitive,” she warns. “There are conglomerates who have already joined. There’s some big money involved. And I think you’re going to see a lot of it move more in that direction.”

“I’ve done a lot of consulting work,” Adams says, “and one of the main issues that I see, especially in startups, is that there’s a knowledge gap between the marketing guys and the people on the ground. The people who work in the facility really need to be able to communicate with the patients and marketing side of things, and vice versa. It’s important that both sides understand each other.”

There were, of course, “various growers doing it long before it was legal” but even pot veterans find their expertise distinctly lacking. “People have done the best they can given the resources,” Adams says – but growing marijuana for personal use or illegal sale isn’t the same as running a professional operation. “I’ve noticed that there is a pretty big labor shortage in the marijuana industry,” says Adams. “That’s one of the major problems we’re facing right now: there’s no training anyone can take.”

Please and thank you guys first post.

I’ve been smoking weed for 2 years now, I started smoking regs and then moved on to some grade A if not B+ grade weed. People have told me they’ve smoked the same strain but not as strong as mine, so I know I’m smoking fire stuff.


then again, his dealer was freaking out of his mind..

how do I get customers? ( I can’t just ask anyone to buy )
secure locations for the exchange? ( off and on campus )
a quarter is 80$ how would I make profit from that? ( math.. )
and in the case I get busted, how do I get rid of it? ( eat it?? )

A few weeks ago I lost my job, plus I gatta study and go to school so my schedule wasn’t really flexible. I know the dealer I buy my goods from also grows it indoor and even makes new strains by cross breeding, so I know I have a hook up their. But my problem is I don’t know where to start like: