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thai marijuana seeds

Some people like to kick back and unwind in the wake of a difficult day at the workplace. Others lean toward an injection of vitality and imagination before picking up a guitar or some free weights. Whatever your jam is, discover the cannabis strain that works best for you at I49. With seeds from I49, the buds you grow have the potential to be the same quality as the expertly cultivated nugs you can buy from a cannabis retailer.

At I49, we accept and believe firmly in the clinical and recreation use of weed. That is the reason, regardless of what impact you are after, you will discover the marijuana seeds that suit your necessities at our online seed bank.

Known to old school growers as Chocolate Thai, it is a powerful classic, no matter what you want to call it.

Nick Names

It is safe to say that you are prepared to grow some ganja? You can buy Purple Thai Fem strain seeds online but where you purchase your seeds in the USA matters. If you want your weed seeds to sprout, you should buy seeds that are stored and shipped in temperature-controlled environments from a trusted online seed bank like I49. If you don’t pick a legitimate seed bank you may wind up with cannabis seeds that aren’t what they are guaranteed to be. That is the reason I49 is the best spot to purchase feminized and autoflower seeds.

Are you looking to loosen up your body but keep your mind alert? Purple Gelato fem is perfect for keeping your mind awake while your body goes into full relaxation mode.

When your parents hail from the hot and humid areas of Thailand and Mexico, it is no surprise their offspring will also want a tropical climate. This strong strain is more appropriate for planting in heat and humidity. It cherishes heat and flourishes with a lot of daylight. Developed inside, it has the potential for incredible yields given there is plentiful vertical space and amazing HID lights.

Back in the day, this dank weed was referred to as Chocolate Thai. Sixty years ago it found its way into the United States when marines going through Thailand from Vietnam brought back Thai sticks. During the 1970s, the American cannabis scene was buzzing over Thai sticks and their psychedelic properties. The exotic foot-long marijuana kabobs were made with a thin bamboo cane and covered in high-quality pressed buds. Rumour has it that Thai sticks were soaked in opium while others claim cannabis oil was used to increase their potency. What isn’t up for dispute is that their potent properties were unparalleled to any other ganja out there. It is presumed that one of the phenotypes of this intense strain served as the hereditary base for Purple Thai Fem.

A pure strain from the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand, her THC levels are among the highest in the world. She’s highly prized by Thai growers who smuggle her into Bangkok despite the severity of the country’s penal system. This strain’s value derives from it being the result of continual interbreeding using the best examples of this Thai Ko Chang lineage undertaken over many years by the area’s expert growers; local inhabitants who have been cultivating it for generations. She’s one of Thailand’s most productive strains and has a relatively short flowering cycle for a pure Thai Sativa. Very vigorous, sometimes uncontrollable growth. If grown in a pot, leave plenty of room for the root zone to develop for optimum yields. Like the authentic Thai she is, her taste and smell will bring Asia to your palate while her effect will spirit you away to the indescribable temples of Bangkok.

It’s relatively low in THC, so the high content isn’t loud or overwhelming. On the contrary, you will feel focused and productive. It’s perfect when you have a long to-do list, especially if you are busy with many creative tasks. This variety has a delicious sweet flavor of the original Thai Sativa. The strain has so much to give to you besides its taste that you should definitely grow Chocolate Thai Cannabis seeds & taste famous marijuana buds.

The locals smoked it in Thai sticks like a bamboo skewer made from cannabis buds. For those unfamiliar with local varieties, Chocolate Thai is essentially purebred equivalents of cannabis varieties that have not changed or improved over the years.

novastar – February 26, 2020

Effects of Chocolate Thai

As a pure Sativa, Chocolate Thai weed seeds will grow into plants with a fairly predictable set of effects. Ecstasy is primarily cerebral and affects the mind, not the body. In true Sativa style, you will feel refreshed and alive. Many users enjoy using Chocolate Thai early in the morning right after getting up due to its suitable effects. Perhaps the aroma of her coffee contributes to this, making her an ideal alternative to your cup of coffee. Soon after you smoke, you will feel refreshed, energized, and ready to go.

Many patients enjoy using this strain because it makes them feel fresh, lively, and creative without being overly strong. Chocolate Thai seeds for sale are ideal to grow for medical marijuana users because the bud of the plants will help them manage conditions like depression, insomnia, and PTSD. it will help them to focus on what is happening in front of them rather than worrying about alternatives. Sativa is known for its effect to enhanced mood and Thai chocolate is no exception. Fatigue is another reason people use Chocolate Thai strain. Finally, Chocolate Thai can help users deal with mild pain. THC is anti-inflammatory, and this strain contains enough THC to reduce inflammation and relieve chronic pain.

Chocolate Thai seeds have the potential to remain popular for so many years. They are a phenotype of Thai landraces, which means they have been grown rapidly without human intervention. It’s believed that they are the result of the crossing of OG Chocolate Thai & Big Sur Holy Weed. While most of the varieties on the market have been bred by repeatedly crossing several strains to achieve the desired characteristics, the Thai weed remained intact. The result we have got for you is a pure Sativa Strain, which is difficult to find in this hybrid seeds dominant Marijuana industry. With a slight mutation, we have Chocolate Thai seeds for sale, which will grow into plants with chocolate-colored buds with pure Sativa effects.

Strain Monster – August 12, 2019