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TGA (The Green Avengers) is headed by Subcool and Mz. Jill, two of the most accomplished horticulturalists the industry has to offer. Their beloved genetics are highly sought after for their characteristic terpene profiles. Most TGA strains have a distinguishable fruit aroma. This is because Subcool often uses selective breeding techniques to find strains that will produce the best-tasting hash.

Strains from TGA Genetics are commonly found throughout the world today. This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Some of their most well-known strains include: Space Queen, Agent Orange, Vortex, Timewreck, and Jilly Bean.

TGA Genetics (aka Subcool Seeds) is a team of breeders with locations in California, Oregon, and Washington. TGA Genetics started, in 2001, as a small group of dedicated medical cannabis gardeners who had grown tired of the false claims and made up marketing.

TGA has won a number of awards for their strains in the 13 years since their inception.

Sub explains to me: “The wet air made it impossible to breathe, so one day I drained the pool. Someone online joked about the old Cheech and Chong skit [in which the duo have a grow op in an empty pool], and I took the challenge.” Solis Tek gave him a good deal on the lights, and he put 8,000 watts of double-ended high-pressure-sodium fixtures above the 20-by-30-foot pool. Smart Pot donated custom 100-gallon air pots, and Dragonfly Earth Medicine contributed organic teas to feed the plants. To complete the giving chain, the cannabis he grows in the pool is donated to patients entirely for free!

Without a home, Subcool began to build his new life and restore his cannabis-genetics library. Two years later, he has an arsenal of 44 Dank strains stocked up and distributed worldwide. But it wasn’t easy. Without any tools to run his business, he and his partner, William Rouland, sourced back lost parent stock from close friends who held cuttings of the plants. He even had to purchase some of his own seeds.

Slowly, they rebuilt his core strains using original mother and father plants. Strains like Jack the Ripper, Vortex and Querkle were reproduced, and Sub also started creating new strains and placing them into his large testing program.

The Dank

Black Dahlia grown “no-till” style/ Courtesy Subcool

Subcool’s passion for cannabis started early in life. He began growing in the 1970s and eventually found himself in trouble with law enforcement and in jail. His defiant return to cultivation resulted in a subsequent bust and he wound up serving time in prison, a stint that ignited a passion to change cannabis laws and help free the healing flower for good.

You can find verified Subcool seeds online at the Dank ( and at major seed distributors like Attitude Seed bank, Seedsman and JBC Seeds. Look for the Dank’s consumable cannabis products in Arizona dispensaries.

The legendary cannabis breeder known as Subcool survived a nearly fatal diagnosis, the fiery destruction of his home and possessions, and a messy divorce from his wife and business partner to rise from the ashes with a new venture called the Dank.

Afgoo Overdrive is another of his new strains, created from a cross between Northern California Gooey x Afghan x Space Queen. It is a 60% Sativa hybrid with a fast flowering period of 50 to 60 days. Its buds are very compact, with insane levels of resin production.

To develop Grape Inferno, TGA Subcool started a collaboration with Norstar Genetics to cross the renowned and rare Nepali OG cut and the Querkle variety, famous for its delicious grape scent. This new strain is now available at Alchimia Growshop ! T [. ]

UVA by TGA Subcool Seeds – SubCool’s The Dank (Formerly TGA Seeds)

Cherry Lemonade is an explosion of smells and tastes on the palate, being a cross of < x Jack The Ripper which ensures high psychedelic power in addition to being a good option to fight anxiety. It is a rapid flowering plant, ready to harvest in 56-62 days and offering medium-high yields.

SubCool returns to the fray with new strains like Strelka, created from a collaboration with Kyle Kushman. It’s a cross that combines the powerful Stardawg with Space Queen, one of the flagship varietiess of Subcool’s The Dank Seeds. Expect only the best, highest quality plants to come from it.

After years of research and testing, the TGA team finally developed a marijuana hybrid that has a high level of CBD Cannabidiol. Over 70% of the tested samples showed elevated levels of CBD between 12% and 15%, with similar THC levels. For patients [. ]