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super autoflower seeds canada

The Super Autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies seeds are easy to grow Californian varietals. Popular worldwide, they’re renowned for their fresh and sweet aroma and high THC levels. Expect a sustained, quality high with relaxing and euphoric effects.

Gorilla Glue offers a forest-like aroma of rich pine and cedarwood. Beneath this, you’ll discover a pungent, mossy aroma with undertones of wild berries and cherries. The taste is similar, with powerful woody and earthy notes and a turpentine hit from the THC. Enjoy spicy, chocolaty accents with a hint of sweetness.


Super Skunk does exactly what it says; it provides a rich, skunky flavor. You’ll discover rich aromas of citrus and orange, alongside floral notes of lavender. The flavor profile is fruity and earthy, with sweet undertones like candied lemon.

Tangerine Dream is an immensely popular strain that’s easy to grow with autoflowering seeds. Crafted for restful, medicinal use, you can expect an uplifting and relaxing high that’s perfect for clearing the mind. A perennial favorite in Amsterdam, it’s a richly fragrant plant that balances a relatively high THC level with calming CBD.

Bruce Banner has a very appealing aroma of light summer fruits and berries. To taste, you’ll find fragrant citrus, strawberries and forest fruits alongside a typical Kush note of hash.

Due to new restrictions presented by Brexit coming into effect at the end of this year we have had to implement changes to how we warehouse products. Products will soon be stored in hubs in multiple locations allowing us to continue to serve most markets, and in some instances get your orders to you faster than ever before. What this means however is that not all products will be available in every region, depending on your shipping country. Not to worry though, we’ve made sure the most popular products will most likely be available to you and we’ll be monitoring what we stock for each region, carefully updating product information as it becomes available.

Number One Super Auto is not named Number One for nothing. It has an incredible production potential, so much so that it i the biggest-producing auto in the world! It is 85% sativa, 10% indica with 5% Stitch 0.1 super auto genetics.


Number One is a very forgiving plant that can withstand most challenges. Its THC production is high at 19% with low CBD of 0.8%. Its effect is motivating, creative and excellent for physical activities especially dancing.

Flash seeds is a new project created by an experienced auto-flowering seed breeder and aficionado. He has worked for decades cultivating his unique strains. Through experiments, Flash Seeds has succeeded in creating a varied collection of auto-flowering strains which now include some very sativa dominant auto-flowering strains.

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Also known as super automatic seeds; these seeds are designed to do most of the work for you while still producing large harvests. They flower after a set period instead of depending on a light cycle.
Autoflowers are able to be harvest in as little as 7 – 15 weeks from seed germination, depending on the strain of cannabis allowing you to enjoy multiple harvests of indoors or outdoors throughout the year as autoflowering seeds will always flower automatically regardless of the light cycle. Super Autoflowers have gained more and more popularity among new growers looking for ease of growth and high yields; best of both worlds. At Super Autoflowers, we manually picked the most performant and stable autoflowering genetics for you to try. We are a Canadian based seed bank, located in Montreal (Quebec).