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Applicability of Mindlin rule for double and triple stresses.

Comparison of distortion gradient and strain gradient based elasticity theories.

Higher order strain and stress tensors encompassed within gradient elasticity theories are discussed with a particular concern to the physical meaning of double and triple stresses. A single rule is shown to hold for the physical interpretation of the indices of a higher order stress tensor both within distortion gradient and strain gradient theories, whereas the analogous Mindlin’s rule holds only within distortion gradient theories. Double and triple stresses are discussed separately with the aid of simple illustrative examples. A corrigendum to a previous paper by the author (IJSS 50 (2013) 3749–3765) is also presented.


Registrations of interest will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. This registration of interest is valuable in helping EMMA to anticipate demand and to optimise availability of strains. Users will be notified as soon as the strain becomes available. They will receive an e-mail with a link to a pre-filled online form that they can use to submit their order.

Rederivation of mice
from frozen stock

In general, service requests will not be processed until a fully executed MTA has been received (where applicable) and either a billing address or a purchase order number has been provided by the customer. Therefore, please note that the delivery times given above represent the time period between the date when all paperwork is in place and the date of when the material is available for shipping at EMMA nodes.

How to order

1) From the time when all paperwork is in place until when the material is ready for shipping at EMMA nodes .
2) In addition users have to cover all the shipping costs (including the cost for returning dry-shippers, where applicable).
3) For strains generated by use of the CRISPR technology, users also have to pay a license surcharge.
4) Only recommended for users who have IVF capability.
5) In general, up to 3 heterozygous animals, males or females, will be shipped. Wildtype littermates could be also available upon request.
6) For special requirements (e.g. certain age, sex and/or number of live mice are required), longer service time may be expected.

Please visit the EMMA strain list, find your strain of interest, open the strain details by using the ‘+’ toggle, then click the ‘Order’ button. EMMA will contact you within two weeks after receipt of your EMMA Mutant Request Form. For more information about the order process please check the FAQs section.

The recommended EMMA service fees enable the INFRAFRONTIER partners to recover their costs and ensure that INFRAFRONTIER maintains a sustainable archiving and distribution service.

EMMA screens and distributes mice in accordance with FELASA protocols and guarantees that mice leaving the EMMA institutions are free of pathogens as specified by FELASA.

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