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starting marijuana seeds in paper towel

So, which one is better? It is pretty hard to tell because there are rare cases that marijuana seeds won’t sprout in a soiled setting, however, using the paper towel method is easier and more effective.

However, even though it may sound easy and fun, it also has its drawbacks since you need to follow several steps since committing a simple mistake using this method could just result in ruining the condition of the seed. Also, some seedlings are called bucket heads that are very hard to germinate.

Step 3: Add the seeds and the water.

It only takes 3 to 7 days to fully germinate your marijuana seeds. Once these little guys have sprouted, you should transfer them gently from the paper towel to the rapid rooters. Be careful though because you might pull the sprout harshly, so make sure to cut the paper towel large enough to pull the germinated seeds without any obstacles.

Add an appropriate amount of water on the paper towels until they are thoroughly soaked. After the paper towels are soaked up, add the seeds on its surface. Soaking the paper towels with water before placing the seeds prevents the latter from rolling around the plate.

Usually, the first two leaves are already formed inside the seed’s shell, so, this means that the seeds are ready to sprout it. The seeds only need the germination process to release the leaves. If you notice that the leaves are yellowish, there is no need to worry about this since it is normal and it will start turning green a few days after it sprouted.

To germinate seeds indoors, use any of the methods described above. Within a few days, you’ll have popped seeds ready to transfer to a growing medium.

Gently water the soil with a spray bottle and situate your pots under a fluorescent lamp. Keep seeds away from the windowsill, as the temperature is too volatile for germination. In general, you’ll want to keep the temperature in the range of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also germinate your seeds by placing them in water. It’s slightly faster than the soil method, but you need to adjust your environmental factors accordingly. Remember, successfully germinating seeds requires a perfect balance of ideal growing conditions. When germinating in water, seeds need only 24-48 hours to pop their stems, though cultivators can keep them soaking for up to a week as needed. Water germination is faster because the seed gets all the moisture it needs immediately, and the shell softens and cracks more easily after soaking.

How do you germinate seeds indoors?

When a seed enters an environment with enough moisture, it will increase in size and slowly break out of its shell. A seedling or germ forms from which roots will emerge, helping the baby plant absorb nutrients from the soil. Seeds naturally develop roots facing down and stems stretching upward, allowing the young cannabis plant to simultaneously feed off light and earth.

To employ water germination, fill a glass with tap water and let it sit until it reaches room temperature or around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Add two to three plant seeds per cup and allow them to sit, watching for any changes. Change the water to fresh tap water every two days, making sure it stays at room temperature.

The downside of water germination is that once they’ve popped, you’ll need to maneuver them into their growing medium manually. This is a delicate process, as germinating seeds are extra fragile, and any harm risks the development of your plants. Make sure to place the seed roots down in the soil when you transfer to a pot.

When the seedling stems reach two to four inches in height, it’s time to transplant your cannabis into larger pots with more room for roots to spread down and out. After you’ve done this, you’ve successfully germinated your cannabis seeds into proper, young plants.

Cheap paper towels (don’t use the expensive cloth-like ones!)

Seeds typically germinate in 1-3 days!



Close tweezers so they are as narrow as possible and put inside the crack. Then slowly allow tweezers to open, which will gently pry the shell apart.

Move the grow light down to the standard distance once the plants have 3 sets of leaves. By now they should be growing fast!