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short marijuana plant seeds

The strains listed here have been bred to grow with restricted height, allowing not only for discretion but for simplicity when it comes to cultivation.

Despite their small stature, short cannabis strains can still produce bountiful, rewarding harvests sure to please any grower.

Short cannabis varieties are the perfect choice for a grower who has very little cultivation space and wishes to be discreet about their plants.

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This collection is ideal for those looking to purchase “short weed” seeds. Short cannabis plants are more manageable than large ones, so these compact strains could be suitable for beginners looking to progress onto intermediate strains.

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower, the final size of your cannabis is extremely important. Not everyone has the privilege of being able to grow monster trees in their backyard, whether for security or legal purposes, so this collection is best suited to those looking for small marijuana plants that still pack a punch!

Short Marijuana Plants – What Makes Them Special?

Here we have selected compact, short, and even “dwarf” cannabis strains, all of which rarely exceed one meter (3’3”) in height. These small-growing weed seeds are more than suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation enthusiasts.

The single disadvantage of growing short cannabis plants is their lower productivity in comparison with the bigger strains. However, this is still highly impressive given their compact size. As mentioned before, seeds in this collection of short cannabis strains yield up to 650g/m 2 (2.13oz/ft 2 ) indoors and up to 800g (1.8lb) per plant outdoors – enough to last a grower months of casual toking!

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The main reason that growers choose marijuana varieties that grow to only a short height is growing space. If you live in a small apartment, or your garden is tiny, or perhaps you only have small balcony available for cultivation, then you just won’t have the space to grow the larger types.

And some strains of marijuana plant really can stretch out, especially the Sativa varieties. These can reach heights of up to four metres with outdoor growing, especially if they’re left to their own devices with no pruning.

So what do we mean when we talk about short varieties? Generally we’re referring to strains that won’t get taller than 80 centimetres when they’re mature and ready for harvest, although some types an actually be only 50 centimetres tall, or even shorter. Of course, any marijuana strain can be pruned to keep it short, but many types will

So we’re looking for plants that don’t grow too tall, but still produce a high-grade harvest of good buds. Often this means you’ll be looking for strains that have some Ruderalis genetics in them as well as the more common Sativa and Indica genetics. These plants are autoflowering so there’s no need to force flowering by light regime changes – they’ll do well under 18 or even 20 hours of light each day.

not respond well if you prune them too hard, and you’ll end up with few buds and a low-quality harvest.