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DEFRA registered Seed Merchant No 7289

Our Unique Structure: Because we have no shareholders. the main aim of the company is not to make huge profits, but instead to supply great seeds to home gardeners at reasonable prices, and to educate people about home seed-saving. As part of our ethical policy, all staff are paid the same hourly wage, including the directors.

Our aim is to offer you the very best seed of the best vegetable varieties we can find!


New to gardening? See the calendars on each page – dark green squares show the main sowing times for each crop. Lighter green are extensions/options.

We really do hope you enjoy these vegetables as much as we have enjoyed tracking them down and trying them out.
Each and every one has been chosen for its merit in the kitchen as well as the garden.

Our Unique Guarantee: We have spent years trying to find the best varieties for you to grow. We think these are the best seeds you can sow, and we really hope that you enjoy growing your vegetables from them. We will immediately refund or replace if you are in any way less than delighted with them, even including the flavour of the resulting crop!

Ordering for Next Year? We are about half way through harvesting and packing new seeds,
so many things are available already, but the full catalogue will be in stock by November.

Brilliant range of seeds and garden products. Excellent service and good prices. Would thoroughly recommend.

Our 9cm potted plants, delivered to your door, offer amazing value and instant impact.

2 Litre Potted Plants

Great service. Kept up-to-date with delivery, and tree I purchased was much, much better than I ever imagined. So pleased. 5*

We're building on our competitively priced, 'no frills' ethos with a new range of key products at down to earth prices! You'll find them throughout the catalogue, including in our 'Gardening Essentials' – those items of equipment that no gardener should be without! Look out for the Down To Earth badge across the site, and enjoy shopping the range today.

Dobies have been supplying flower and vegetable seeds direct to gardeners since 1894, starting in the Chester area, and for over fifty years now, to customers throughout the UK. An extensive range of products are featured in our online shop. In addition to seeds, we offer the largest range of young annual plants available by post, plus bulbs, fruit and garden equipment.

A very prolific cropper, which will reform after cutting.

Advantage is an excellent pointed cabbage being flexible on when sown.

Kale Redbor is a strongly coloured red borecole. It has.

Veg Seeds Selection in a Box.

Average Contents : 250 seeds