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Ordered seeds and they came but one…
Ordered seeds and they came but one packet hadn't been sealed correctly and most of the seeds were lost. I emailed their customer support but they never responded. was just trying them out but seems am going back to

Order was Feb.5th. complained feb. 24. They claimed it was the postal service fault but would send free seeds . here it is March 9 and still no seeds. I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering. I feel that one star is too generous.


Order was Feb.5th

Ordered April 4. Notified that it was shipped April 6. STILL not received. Apparently this is a scam. I too wish No Stars or even NEGATIVE stars were an option. Avoid this "seller!"


Do not order from these people. They ship snail mail without tracking, lost my already paid for order. Never arrived, never found.

I believe this is a scam company—i received a notice my order was shipped April 8 and I’ve received nothing. I wish there was a 0 stars rating. Or lower.

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Sweet pea seeds grown and harvested with this much care deserve to have a thoughtful container to keep them stable and dry. So we made a fully-recyclable seed tin – decorated with an original Easton Collection design. Created by Ursula Cholmeley and blooming with sweet peas, the design reflects the colours found in the Arts and Crafts motifs of the Edwardian era when sweet peas were as adored at Easton as they are today.

Flower beds in the open or against a sunny wall.

Height: About 1.4m

King Edward VII, introduced in 1903, is an annual sweet pea with vivid red, strongly-scented flowers. Although often described as crimson, we think there’s a healthy dose of magenta in these majestic blooms. Over 100 years later, this regal sweet pea remains prize-worthy and is awarded an AGM by the Royal Horticultural Society. We never tire of growing it in our gardens each year.