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seed bank australia review

Australian Seed Bank guarantees shipping, asserting that they have never lost a package or had any packages confiscated because of their stealth shipping method.

Unfortunately, the best Seed Banks for Australians to order from are international. I’ve looked at a few “Australian” seed bank websites and they all look very suspect. Yes, it might take a bit longer for your seeds to arrive, but ILGM guarnatees their shipments to Australia and has a great track record.

Australian Seed bank offers a variety of discrete and convenient payment methods.

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Australian Seed Bank has low to average prices for their seeds.

If you want to buy from a seed bank that is verified as legitimate and safe, try MSNL.

In reality, when you click “Buy Seeds” on Australian Seed Bank’s website, where the seeds are listed as $79.98, it takes you to Marijuana Seedshop’s website where you have to scroll through their seed offerings, only to find the price is actually $110.

You can look seeds up in their search bar, but that means you have to know what you are getting before you start shopping.

There weren’t too many serious problems related to i49 Seed Bank’s customer service and shipping. They pack the seeds carefully and deliver them at the right price.

Currently, drug-related regulations in Australia vary depending on the state or territory. ACT’s new legislation allowing the legalization of marijuana is currently at odds with drug legislation enacted by the Australian Parliament.

Currently, there are two countries that have officially legalized cannabis, namely Uruguay and Canada. Many US states have also allowed recreational use of marijuana. In some countries of Europe and Asia, the use of cannabis for research and treatment of diseases is permitted by law.

#8 Canna Seeds Australia – Extensive variety of autoflower and feminized cannabis seeds

Under the new regulation, effective January 31, 2020, residents of the Australian Capital Territory can own up to 50 grams of marijuana and plant up to two plants per person or four plants per household. This change makes the Australian Capital Territory the first of the six Australian states and three inland territories to legalize cannabis for personal use.

Seedsman’s seed stockpile contains more than 1500 different strains of cannabis, an impressive number for any cannabis seed. And they also supply their seeds to many other retailers where you can easily spot a strain of cannabis from Seedsman even if you’re not in the UK.

Their customer service did not have special note or many negative reviews. In general, Ministry of Cannabis deserves a place to buy your regular cannabis seeds.

However, on the general level, the views of the Australian government and people about cannabis have also changed a lot. In 2016, the Australian Parliament passed a law, which for the first time the country allows the cultivation of cannabis for scientific research and professional activities of the health sector.

If you dont want to take the risk of importing seeds from overseas there are a few local breeders now.

Dinkum Seeds also has a decent reputation but only does a few different skunk strains.

Southern Star Seeds has a pretty good reputation.

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Didnt know about that Bonza buddy system I might look into that, even though ive heard multiple reports of them not sending original beans.

Not from Australia myself, but Oregon Elite Seeds does international shipping, no cc option ATM but Toby is a stand up dude and all orders come through. Great freebies with all orders over 100$. And you can even talk to his buddy @deeproots74 , he might be able to help you out.

bro you been a member since 2009 & are asking this question now?

bro you been a member since 2009 & are asking this question now?