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These CBD oil softgels are filled with our Extra Strength Formula full spectrum hemp extract the highest strength and convenient way to take CBD for your health Do you agree with PlusCBD Oil's 4-star rating? Check out what 4,484 people have written so far, and share your own experience. In our Plus CBD Oil softgels review, we discuss all formulations of their softgel line, including the popular Plus CBD Oil gold softgels.


Filled with our Extra Strength Formula full spectrum hemp extract, these award-winning CBD pills are our most concentrated way of taking CBD-rich hemp extracts.

Our CBD Softgels are beautiful in their simplicity.

Just 4 ingredients: CBD-rich hemp extract, extra virgin olive oil as the carrier, carrageenan, sorbitol, and in a vegetarian softgel capsule. It’s an ideal method for sensitive palates or sensitive stomachs.

Our Extra Strength Formula hemp extract is what makes these our most concentrated way to consume CBD-rich hemp extracts. It takes 10 kilograms of our regular extract, distilled down to produce just 3 kilograms of our concentrated Extra Strength Formula extract. This cbd supplement is ideal for people who realize that they need higher levels of daily CBD for their health.

As for all our CBD products, everything is produced from full spectrum hemp – complete with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other healthful components that occur in the hemp plant.

Always from EU certified hemp seeds. Non-GMO. Vegetarian. Gluten-Free. Always third party tested. Try our CBD Oil softgels today to see why we’re America’s favorite hemp company.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S. with Kentucky and Netherlands grown hemp.

Suggested Use

Each softgel with our Extra Strength Formula extracts contains 15 milligrams of CBD. Most people start with one in the morning and one in the evening – but everyone is different. With finding CBD uses, you have to experiment to find the sweet spot that works for you.

Some find that a CBD pill is just the thing before bed – while others find it activating and never take it after a certain time of day. And some find that it doesn’t change their sleep or energy in any way. There’s no way to know which category you fall into without finding out what works for you.

PlusCBD Oil Reviews

Placed and order, no shipment and no response

Placed and order and was billed and received a email acknowledgement. Have never gotten a shipment confirmation and its a week later. Emailed twice asking for an update, and a third time telling them to cancel if it is not shipped. Tried calling and after a while on hold auto message telling me to leave a message and they would call back in 24 hours. Might be good product, but the customer service level is awful.

Date of experience : May 12, 2022

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So far I believe I’ve found the right…

So far I believe I’ve found the right product for myself and my dogs, I like the full spectrum, I’m wondering if this is raw, I’ve read that is important.

Hoping for a reply before I need more, meantime I’ll do more research!

Date of experience : January 11, 2022

CBD for Body & Brain

I am 65 years old & have been using CBDPlus daily for the last six years or so. When using it my body feels 5 to 10 years younger. An added bonus is I had my neurotransmitters tested recently. Mine were the first one this person had ever run across that were operating at 100%. They are not affiliated with CBDPlus & but did recommend CBD oil to help improve Brian function. I will be a customer for life.

Date of experience : February 01, 2020

Excellent product

An excellent product and truly excellent Customer service. I originally got this product and brand from my Integrative Medical Practioner, so I knew it was a trustworthy brand. She told me I could also order it. She made no profit on it, which was another reason to trust the brand. It has really made a huge difference in my sleep which in turn, has really helped my RA pain. I highly recommend it.

Date of experience : January 30, 2020

I have had a great response using PLUS…

I have had a great response using PLUS CBD GOLD for use of my neuropathy. The burning in my feet was making sleep not possible. Taken 2 hours before bed.and I can.get some sleep.
I find my sleep pattern has improved to be longer than the prior pattern of sleep for 30 minutes then up soaking my feet in warm water with Epsom salts for 30 minutes.
CBD Plus will be my nightly habit for some rest.

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Date of experience : January 25, 2020

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PlusCBD Oil works for me

I’ve been taking sublingual CBD drops for several years now. I believe it has reduced my arthritis pain throughout my body. Easy and secure ordering, reasonable pricing, and prompt delivery from a reputable company keeps me a repeat customer. Being able to see Plus CBD Oil’s third party testing results puts my mind at ease. Not all products work for all people, but this product, thankfully, works for me.

Date of experience : January 25, 2020

I was skeptical of CBD Oil as a way to…

I was skeptical of CBD Oil as a way to replace my daily preventative migraine medicine AND sleep aid however, after taking PlusCBD Oil a few hours before going to bed for the last 3 months, I’m happy to report that I no longer get the migraines I used to and I’m able to drift off to sleep with ease! I love the product and the brand and will continue to use it!

Date of experience : February 05, 2020

Fantastic explanations of what CBD is

Fantastic explanations of what CBD is, how it differs from THC, their different strengths and suggested uses. The website is full of information.
The products themselves are exactly what I expected – well packaged with clear labeling.
As an aged skier with less than new knees, I find the gold compounds help me stay on the hill longer – and rest better apres ski!

Date of experience : January 27, 2020

Appears to be a high quality product

Appears to be a high quality product. I am not sure however if CBD oil for me is worth the cost. I read that the oil affects people differently. It is mildly relaxing at the dosage that I take. I would experiment with it more for timing and dosages but at the high cost I will just use it occasionally for the chamomile tea effects that it has for me.

Date of experience : March 08, 2020

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Do yourself a favor!

PlusCBD oil is keeping the pain I sustained from an automobile accident at bay. My favorite products are the raw soft gels, which I bite into, and the extra-strength hemp roll-on for muscle spasms. The gold soft gels, which really help my body relax hence I suggest taking before bed, have also helped with nerve damage. Wonderful, clean products!

Date of experience : January 25, 2020

I believe this is a great product

I believe this is a great product. I first purchased this product when Campbell’s health food store sold it in Des Moines, Iowa. This came to a end when the state of of Iowa because of the way the Laws on the sales of CBD oil can only be sold by the only legal dispensary Med Farms. The problem I have is that I have to spend more money to buy it from you because of the shipping cost. But I would recommend this to anyone interested in trying CBD from hemp.

Date of experience : January 29, 2020

I actually laughed and cried.

This product is obviously one of uncommon quality. I’ve never experienced such a pronounced and substantial medicinal benefit from any other product claiming to contain 15 mg of CBD. I actually laughed and cried the first time I tried the hemp softgels – my constant back pain from a birth defect in my spine just evaporated. The sudden relief broke me down. I took 2 of the 15mg gels which in retrospect was more than I needed. One is enough of a dose for most days.

Date of experience : February 05, 2020

Great product

Great product. Stumbled across this 2 years ago. Ohio took the CBD out of the store I first purchased Pus CBD from year ago. I researched the label and found you directly. This has benefited me and my 13 year old Dalmation. Besides the great product is the price, sales events and fast shipping! Easy website as well! Many thanks!

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Date of experience : January 30, 2020

The PlusCBD peppermint flavor is the…

The PlusCBD peppermint flavor is the most delicious of any CBD oil that I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot of different companies products. I mix it with a very potent brand from another company that tastes terrible on its own. Mixed with PlusCBD peppermint, the combination is tastes delicious! Fast shipping too.

Date of experience : July 08, 2020

I recently started using the CBD Oil…

I recently started using the CBD Oil spray and I can already see a big change in the quality of my health throughout the day. I’m more energetic and have better clarity I love this product and definitely will continue to use. Great customer service and very pleased with the packaging of my product. Shipped to me in a timely manner.

Date of experience : January 31, 2020

One of my items (gummies) was partially…

One of my items (gummies) was partially
open on the safety seal when I opened the lid. I emailed the company and they got
back to me right away and rectified the
situation promptly. I would definitely
recommend PLUSCBD. I no longer have
to take Ibuprofen on daily basis since using
their Gold CBD capsules.

Date of experience : January 28, 2020

Really like the products

Really like the products, but frustrated from ordering on their webpage. Difficult logging in, doesn’t remember me, unclear from drop down menus what I am ordering. I’ve used the extra strength oil before but unclear for current order form how many mg it is. We CBD consumers need consistency in products and clear labeling. PlusCBD is better than most, but still not there.
Also, no way to get a response over weekend, which is when I have time to shop. Again, love the product, just getting there is confusing.

Date of experience : February 08, 2020

I have started taking the CBD I can…

I have started taking the CBD I can tell the different in my hand and legs . I don’t have to get up at night . I am glad that I Order this
and tried it . I will keep on using it . only thing that work for me.
I appreciated it very much .taking the time when I order the CBD.
I would give it a 5 Stars.

Date of experience : January 28, 2020

I bought the product because it was a…

I bought the product because it was a good price for 10mg. When I received the product and tried it, it didn’t work as well as the 5mg liquid capsules I had been using. I think changing the product to a powder does something to the natural essence of the product. I went back the the liquid capsules.

Date of experience : February 09, 2020

For 1 yr I researched and tried many…

For 1 yr I researched and tried many different brands , stores etc
This has worked for me like a miracle i luv it I would recommend to anyone and you can actually talk to customer service real people
However not all CBDS are the same one must finds what works with their chemicals
THX Again Tamara

Date of experience : January 29, 2020

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PlusCBD Oil™ is the #1 choice of CBD for consumers in North America. We offer a wide range of CBD oil products in sprays, capsules, pure oils, and balms. All our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and tested to ensure the best quality CBD oil available.


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Plus CBD Oil Softgels Review

Over a period of several weeks, our team of testers sampled PlusCBD™ Oil’s Extra Strength Formula (15mg/each) and Maximum Strength Formula (50mg/each) softgels, both in 30-count bottles.

Other softgel varieties currently offered by the brand include their Original Formula, Raw Formula, and Total Plant Complex softgels.

As a trusted brand that has elevated industry standards for full-spectrum hemp softgels and capsules especially, PlusCBD™ Oil is expected to keep the innovations coming without sacrificing a mote of quality.

We’re pleased to say that the softgels we tried kept up to these ambitious standards.

As usual, we’re proud to extend our exclusive Plus CBD Oil Coupon code with our audience—and now for our comprehensive PlusCBD™ Oil softgels review.

Recommended Product

PlusCBD™ Oil Softgels

PlusCBD™ Oil’s Maximum Strength Softgels are among the most potent across the industry, providing 50mg of CBD per serving.

Both the Extra Strength and Maximum Strength products are powered by a thoughtfully sourced and manufactured (full-spectrum) hemp extract.

Between the two concentrations, newcomers to CBD and veterans alike will have access to a safe and effective product at a great value.

Plus CBD Oil Softgels Review: Table of Contents

PlusCBD™ Oil Softgels Review

Both the Extra Strength Formula (aka the Gold Formula) and Maximum Strength Formula softgels we sampled contain full-spectrum hemp oil.

We typically took 3-4 of the Extra Strength Formula softgels (45-60mg) throughout each day, and after that portion of the review was completed, we took 1-2 (50-100mg) of the Maximum Strength Formula softgels.

Before, during, and after the actual sampling period, we made our usual assessments across multiple criteria, including hemp quality, cannabinoid concentration (and other lab test findings), overall value, packaging, and more.

Let’s start with PlusCBD™ Oil’s hemp quality.

(Want to learn more about PlusCBD™ Oil and their products? Check out our comprehensive PlusCBD™ Oil review!)

PlusCBD™ Oil Hemp Quality

PlusCBD™ Oil hemp extract is sourced from Holland by its parent company, CV Sciences.

Holland is the world’s second-largest exporter of food by value, an achievement attributed to their highly sustainable and clean agricultural methods.

In other words, this is an excellent nation from which to import hemp, considering their top food safety and quality ratings.

CV Sciences uses EU-certified hemp seeds to grow its non-GMO hemp, which endures several rounds of testing throughout the cultivation process to guarantee safety.

After the hemp is imported, the oil is extracted from the plant matter using CO2, which is widely regarded as the safest and most efficient solvent in the CBD industry

All this considered, PlusCBD™ Oil has earned its place among the small pack of frontrunners in the CBD industry who take these extra steps to ensure maximum quality.


As mentioned, the Extra Strength softgels weigh in at 15mg of CBD each, totaling 450mg for our 30-count container (also available in 60 or 90).

The Maximum Strength softgels ramped the density all the way up to an impressive 50mg per serving, totaling 1500mg for our 30-count container.

In order to get a much more accurate look at the actual CBD and other cannabinoid content as well as pesticide and contaminant reports, we checked with DB Labs, the third-party tester that provides these analyses for all of PlusCBD™ Oil’s products.

Here is the cannabinoid breakdown for one capsule of the Maximum Strength softgels, as reported by the batch-specific certificate of analysis:

  • CBD = 53.14mg
  • CBG = 0.12mg
  • CBN=0.10mg
  • Delta-9-THC = 0.18mg (0.0291% by mass)

These softgels also passed all tests for approximately 40 different pesticides, residual solvents, and other possible contaminants

Overall, this is a very clean lab report indicating high CBD and low THC densities.

We normally like to see a greater supporting cannabinoid (CBG, CBN, CBD, etc.) presence, but considering the more than 50mg of CBD per piece, we don’t have doubts about this product’s potency.

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