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pineapple marijuana seeds

Thanks to its sedative properties, Pineapple Kush Automatic can offer huge relief from pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It’s often used to treat stress and disorders like anxiety and depression. And it’s highly effective for reducing nausea and inducing appetite.

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Strain Types

Despite its mixed lineage, Pineapple Kush Automatic grows in a way that’s typically indica. Short plants are bushy, with strong stems and thick leaves. Their compact nature makes this strain perfect for people with limited space or those who want to grow discretely.

This autoflowering strain succeeds in taking its parents’ best traits while being far easier to grow. Yields are not as large as the photoperiod variety but are still decent. Especially considering the speed and relative ease with which plants can be grown.

Grown outside, Pineapple Kush Automatic can be harvested in July and September and is reasonably resistant to cold temperatures. Short plants usually grow to between 60-100cm tall and yield around 200-300g/m2. This isn’t the largest yield, but it’s a good return for such compact plants.

The exotic flavor of pineapple mixes with cannabis in a perfect way. Pineapple bud tastes sweet, punchy, and lingers in your mouth, giving off an exotic sensation, and pineapple strains are becoming more accessible as this trend catches on. That’s why we’re able to present a full seed collection of pineapple-flavored weed with a variety of effects, potencies, and unexpected flavor combos.

On this page, you’ll see some big pineapple strain names like Pineapple Express (of course!) or Pineapple Chunk. However, don’t scroll away from strains that don’t include the sweet and sunny fruit in their names – all cannabis seeds in this collection have a prominent pineapple note in their flavor!

What Gives Pineapple Weed Strains Their Flavor?

Of course, each pineapple weed strain contains a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and effects that make up the overall impression on the toker. However, even an aspect as small as the flavor note can give us a glimpse of what to expect from a strain. Given that we know what compounds create the pineapple weed flavor, we also know what effects to expect along with the taste and aroma.

Picking a pineapple marijuana strain with quality genetics is only half the journey to cannabis that reeks of the sweet tropical fruit. Both during and after growing, you need to make sure to do everything possible to boost the flavor of your pineapple cannabis. Here are some tips:

As you may know, all cannabis, including pineapple strains, get their flavors and aromas from natural chemical compounds called terpenes. Each of these terpenes has a specific taste that we associate with other herbs, fruit, etc. However, there’s no single terpene that gives marijuana pineapple flavor; it’s always a complex combination of terpenes, which is still being researched. However, judging by the profiles of the strains in this collection, it’s safe to say that most pineapple weed seeds grow into plants with high concentrations of myrcene (earthy), limonene (citrusy), and alpha-pinene (piney). The combination of these compounds is what makes pineapple marijuana so delicious and desirable.

Pineapple and Kush are two of the best flavor profiles that can be created by cannabis. It was simple, yet is was genius, combine the two ! The flavors of this strain are divine, intensely fruity and kushy at the same time; it makes for a pot party in your mouth. This strain contains a complex flavor with many different fruit flavors which will be distinguishable to a refined pallate.!

The taste of Pineapple Kush is citrus, tangy, skunky, with the cali kush flavor all wrapped in one. This really is a connoisseur strain, which is tasty and potent enough to please pot snobs in all localities. With such tasty flavors present within this Pineapple Kush, you can expect to make some killer concentrates, with an amazing terpene profile.

Yields will be medium to high, and the medicinal effects of this strain are nicely balanced in the head and the body..