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In a well-ventilated room, hang your plant upside down. One convenient method is to put up a small clothesline. Ensure the room temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees, with a humidity of around 50%. The slow drying process takes 3-7 days, typically. Check your buds daily to ensure the drying process is proceeding smoothly.

Assuming your plant is female, you will notice two white pistils. However, if you have a male plant, you will see pollen sacs.

The trichome method is a popular way to see if a cannabis plant is ready for harvesting.


During the first few days, open the jar several times for a few minutes. This process airs the buds out and aids the curing process. If you want precision, invest in a hygrometer to test the humidity level of the buds in the jar. Once it is between 60% and 65%, your cannabis is ready for use.

You have the option of purchasing seeds or using a clone. The latter is more expensive but makes the process easier. However, it also takes away the fun of growing a seedling.

Those who have tried it say it is challenging yet rewarding. They also say it gives them a greater appreciation of the cannabis plant. This guide is designed to help you grow a single plant for fun.

One handy tactic is to place your plant near a sunlit window. That is if the climate you live in provides enough sunlight during the summer. You can then use a simple fluorescent bulb (CFL’s, T5’s, T8’s) to provide enough light during the night.

In the following picture, there are 6 jars in total (filled up almost to the top). Just by looking at this picture, you can estimate this grower harvested about 6 ounces of bud.

There’s nothing you can do to make a plant grow well if it’s freezing or sweltering

Take all the biggest fan leaves around 3-4 weeks into the flowering stage. Example: the left plant needs defoliation while the right plant was just defoliated. Learn more about why around Week 3.

The skills and experience of the grower make an enormous difference to yields. The first time you’re in charge of growing your own plants, everything you thought you knew about growing will change, trust me.

1.) It’s Hard to Get 1 Gram/Watt

It may seem weird that strategically removing leaves could actually increase your yields, but doing it right will make it a lot easier to achieve 1 gram/watt! Learn more!

It can be surprisingly hard to accurately measure bud weight! When your buds are on your plant, they are made up of 75-85% water. After being dried, they will only weigh 15-25% of their original weight.

Growing marijuana can get expensive very quickly. This obviously multiplies when you have more than one plant to grow. Keeping your garden to a single plant reduces the cost – and this is doubly so if you’re buying a single growing kit, such as a Pot for Pot’s Complete Kit. If, after your first growing season, you want to add some more plants, you can just get the Expansion Kit to simply do that while still saving tons of money and time.

Harvest up to a pound

What are the top 5 strains to grow indoors?

It’s cheap

Our complete grow kits include everything you need to go from seed to your very own supply of high grade medical cannabis.

There’s a reason marijuana is called weed – it grows like one! You could pop a seed in the ground just about anywhere, and your plant is going to find a way to grow. Obviously, babying it a little bit is more likely to get you a better yield at the end. This is why a Pot for Pot’s Complete Kit is ideal for most home marijuana growers. It has everything you need to grow your plant from its earliest days.

It depends on several factors: climate, seed variety, season, and site preparation. An average amount of time is 7-16 weeks

If your city or state allows people to grow marijuana (which you can check here), there is a legal limit to how many you can grow at a time. Without even thinking about it, you can be confident that a single plant is well within the legal limit. One plant will also never be seen as “intent to distribute,” so you’re covering all the bases.