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Электронная почта, календарь и многое другое.

Бесплатные почта и календарь Outlook

Outlook круглосуточно защищает вашу конфиденциальность и предотвращает получение спама.

Планируйте и организовывайте встречи, собрания и мероприятия.

Все необходимое, чтобы эффективно решать задачи и всегда оставаться на связи — дома, в дороге и где угодно.

The Global MS Research Booster Award is the result of a collaboration between MoveS, MS International Federation (MSIF) and the Dutch MS Research Foundation and is made possible by the financial support of MoveS.

MoveS is a Dutch charity that organises multiple activities to raise funding for MS research. Recurrent annual events including Klimmen tegen MS (climbing the Mount Ventoux in France). MoveS has a clear mission: A world free of MS.

How to apply

Submitted applications are evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch MS Reseach Foundation. Submissions are scored with regard to excellence of the candidate, quality of the research proposal, novelty and/or appeal of the project, quality of the host institute and international collaboration.

A hard copy of the signed grant can be send to:

Grants will be administered by the Dutch MS Research Foundation. Grant applications are evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch MS Research Foundation, a member of MSIF’s International Scientific and Medical Board (IMSB) will join in the selection process. Grantees will become members of MSIF’s international Alumni network.

Keep in mind when you store data in OneDrive, that this is a Cloud service of an American company, so the Patriot act is applicable.

OneDrive for Business

Office 365 is available immediately.

Stream for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is available for UT employees and students. Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud service that consists of several applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint which can be used both in the Cloud as well as on your own device. But it also includes data storage (Microsoft OneDrive for Business) that can store data on Microsoft servers.

Data storage within OneDrive for Business is not a replacement for the data storage of the UT, but is offered as an additional service. For a list of the advantages and disadvantages of OneDrive refer to the FAQ below.


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