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new world seeds traverse city mi

Founded in 1996, New World Seeds is Michigan’s oldest seed company. They produce a variety of original strains and distribute seeds to patients throughout the state.

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Awards Won (1) Are we missing any?

It might be good weed, but a bad name. IMO course.

I think there was a a time when many breeder/s though Obama was a cool name for a weed strain after he was elected and stated he’d back off of fed intervention and the state weed laws. But we all know that was another lie.


sidenote: I love Arjan’s work but IMO and as of late he has gotten a bit big-headed. He still puts out killerweed. I am a big fan of DJ Short and I like the fact that almost all his strains are inbred to a point that have his signature bred into them (ie the odd crinkled leaves, big hollow stems,clear high, etc) They is really no denying DJ’s workings.

Yeah, I hear ya there. You can always rename it..much like Shantibaba and his associates have done to many of their strains. and for good reason I believe. i.e After everyone and their sister grew out his infamous White Widow and then renamed it or just flat out called it THEIR White Widow, Shanti then changed his to Black Widow. I think he has done this to almost all his old skool strains.

Good Luck out there, lots of competition and plenty of room for everyone. 🙂

The ballot proposal allows people at least 21 to grow up to 12 plants for personal use as long as they don’t sell any of the pot. But how does one start a personal grow without easy access to seeds or plants?

Marijuana seeds are available for sale online. But shipping that product across state lines is still considered a crime because the federal government classifies marijuana as an illegal substance.
Allowing folks to grow their own marijuana without fear of criminal prosecution is part of the ballot proposal that voters approved on Tuesday, but getting the materials needed to start a home-grow may be a challenge for budding horticulturists.

Depending on the strain and the growing conditions, a single marijuana plant can yield anywhere from 2 ounces to 2 pounds.

Or you can buy seeds online, though that will put home growers at risk of violating federal law.
But actual marijuana, along with the seeds and cannabis cuttings used for home grows, won’t be commercially available for sale until the state Department of Licensing and Regulation develops the rules governing the adult recreational market. And that won’t happen until probably early 2020.
Morris tried to allay the fears about the home grows.
“Absolutely not — nothing is legal when it’s shipped across state lines,” said Barton Morris, a Royal Oak attorney specializing in the laws surrounding the marijuana industry.
He worries that people will grow more than 12 plants and fuel the black market with marijuana that’s not tested and won’t be tracked or taxed by the state.

Until Michigan's recreational marijuana market gets up and running, there are limited options on how to get seeds or plants for growing pot at home