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msnl seeds review australia

all seeds planted did germinate and grew strong, was concerned about the lack of any smell. now, five and a half weeks in flower and still no smell. AK47 should stink right? conclusion, its not AK47, HEMP! Fraudsters, do not consider spending your money with them. peace.

Hello, our MSNL $200 order has been sitting in Chicago for weeks.
Heard from a USPS supervisor about Where is My Package? This co. is on some U.S. warning list!
The packages go from England and straight to freaking U.S. Customs. Now we are out $200 and are being INVESTIGATED BY THE CUSTOMS DEPT.
Apparently they are holding all packages sent by them to the U.S.
And we live in a LEGAL marijuana Recreational and Medical state, as well as have our Patient Cards.
USPS takes the order, obviously not so well-hidden, and immediately it goes to Customs, ours in Chicago.
They have had our order for weeks, are "investigating" it, which means opening bc they know what this co. does.
You have been warned too. We, Legal Patients, are being investigated by U.S. govt. for what should be legal seed buying.
Don’t believe me, I’ll paste the emails from USPS after our money is fully refunded by these people.
My guess is that they too know. Unreal.
Your site shouldn’t recommend them, we’d never have used them knowing this.

Been sitting there, not moving, for almost 2 weeks.

guest No info, January 2018

I should add that Ive been successfully growing various types of cannabis for over 40 years, so the less than impressive germination rates of the last 3 strains arent from my end of the procedure.

Contacted the company since they’d have to make a shipping claim, not the buyer. Instead of contacting USPS they are simply telling us to "wait", they should be contacting the delivery co.

So I had to file a Missing Package with USPS myself.

Thai Stick – 3 out of 3 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Northern Lights – 3 out of 3 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Sour Diesel – 3 out of 4 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Master Kush – 3 out of 4 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
White Widow – only 2 out of 7 germinated but look healthy and are growing well.
Mountain Mist – only 2 out of 7 germinated but look healthy and are growing well.
Afghani – only 1 out of 8 germinated but looks healthy and is growing well.

If you feel overwhelmed with the choices, value packs are the way to go. And if you’re an enthusiast, some of the best strains I would suggest are:

We both know that trust doesn’t come easy in the world of marijuana seed banks and people get ripped off more often than they’d like to admit.

You can search for what you want easily using the website’s user-friendly search tool. And every category comes with a top 10 list of popular strains to help you narrow down the search.

Types of strains available [10/10]

So, looking up MSNL reviews before placing your first order is a good step indeed. And if this is the first review you’re reading, then I have good news!

And thank God the products turned out to be just how I expected.

Satisfying their customers is the ultimate priority and they take extreme care to ensure no shipment gets delayed or confiscated. Their delivery time track record is one of the best in the industry, so is the discretion. The International stealth shipping option is something I truly appreciate.

Discretion is of the utmost priority to MSNL. That’s why the company gives you three choices based on the level of discreteness – standard, stealth, and guaranteed stealth. Obviously, you would have to pay more for better discreet shipping options.

A blend of 5.8 million Australians who have attempted Cannabis and 1 million people who have used marijuana in the previous year makes Cannabis the most common illegal substance in the country. Its use is more commonplace among 20-30-year-olds than some other age gathering. The use of marijuana frequently trails off as a person enters their late twenties and mid-thirties.

If you are found having under 50 grams of marijuana in this state, you can be offered a redirection and may be free from criminal allegations. Remember, however, this applies to the first occasion when you are caught.

Buying Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia

The best method to contact ILGM is through the contact form on the company’s website. Their staff intends to respond to all messages within 24 hours. If you have specific growing inquiries, you can bring them up in ILGM’s active Forum, and one of their expert growers will be glad to reply.

Australia is where the possession, growing, buying, or selling of marijuana is illegal, and in every one of the country’s domains, the punishments are different.

That prominent, growing cannabis crops in Australia requires a broad licensing endorsement procedure and specific plans, including appropriate manufacturing forms.