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ministryofcannabis com review

Ministry of Cannabis officially states that they have more than 90% germination ratio on their seeds. That means that every order that you buy will have more than 90% of high-quality strains, remember that for a lot of customers, this ratio is 99%. When a company, along with the positive customer reviews , tell that the germination is more than 90%, you ought to try them once to see for yourself. You will get an option to select the bag of 2 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds, and 25 seeds when buying your seeds. The bundle of 10 seeds is popular among users.

The dispensary does not send packages in the original pack. Instead, they pack it in very simple packaging to avoid detection. People also love the creative ways they hide and use stealth , be it a 5-seeds or 10-seeds parcel. No matter what kind of delivery service you pay for, you will always receive a stealth package. This package will not mention the marijuana-related text of images on the outside. The package will look like any ordinary parcel . You can have peace of mind that the order package is going to be safely and securely delivered to you. The bundle is securely packed inside a padded envelope, which will not let the seeds damage during the transit. You will be happy with the efforts of the customer service team.

All of their marijuana strains are tested and inspected to keep the quality excellent. The Ministry of Cannabis is very consistent in providing top-quality marijuana . So, if you are going to stick to a strain for a long time, this is your go-to place. The most selling strain are shown below:

Shipping Rates and Delivery Time

On first look at their website, you would see it’s really eye-catch and simple in the best way. You get menus for browsing feminized seeds, autoflowering, and high CBD strains along with a merchandise page where they sell T-shirts and herb grinders . As they have a low number of strains on their online store, it is very easy to find your favorite strain.

Are you out on a hunt for a good online marijuana dispensary? Check out the Ministry of Cannabis Review below to discover a great seed bank that will help you out with their expertise in choosing and buying top-quality marijuana strains. From the city of Barcelona, this online webshop ships out marijuana everywhere. Did you know? Spanish weather is really good for marijuana plants . Marijuana sold on the Ministry of Cannabis is highly recommended when it comes to the quality of cannabis seeds and customer experience .

Currently, they have two projects going on. One project focuses on making a super awesome autoflowering hybrid strain selection. The requirement for this strain is to reach THC levels of 20%. Another thing they are working on is the CBD project where they are trying to breed and make a CBD dominant strain selection that can offer CBD levels of up to 5%. No matter if you like pure Sativa or Indica, you are going to get a marijuana strain that fits your requirement criteria. They sell bulk re-distribution packages, individual packages, and even mixed cannabis seeds pack for people who want to try a bit of everything.

After selling marijuana for 15 years , they have become expert growers as well as capable of earning loyal customers after years of loyal customer service. One thing that they focus on is, searching for the best strains and adding them to their already well-maintained marijuana strain stock . They are also expert on carefully breeding the best marijuana varieties, two of their most famous and most smoked marijuana strains on the planet are Carnival strains and the Zensation strain .

Ministry of Cannabis has found a solution for this problem. Using substances, such as gibberellin acid and colloidal silver, the breeders of Ministry of Cannabis have managed to ensure that their female plant will produce male pollen. In this way, given that both parents are indeed a female, only the X chromosomes are passed to the offspring. This is why the seeds that are produced in this way can only generate female plants (99,99%).

Feminized cannabis seeds (female seeds) are seeds that will produce only female plant. For all the growers, the interesting part of the harvest is the female flowers or buds. The male flowers are only used to produce seeds. Traditionally the growers must germinate an amount of seeds at least twice the final quantity of plants desired. For the modern indoor grower this mean also to throw away a great quantity of electricity and fertiliser for nothing.

We put maximum attention in the whole growing process, to keep the plants far from stress and any other factor that can compromise the final result. Knowing the genetic in deep is necessary to adapt the standard process that lead to the production of male pollen on a female plant to the necessity of each strain. That’s why the Ministry of Cannabis seeds behave so uniform and tolerate good the stress.

Everything Perfect. Everything I have grown from them so far has been a winner.
Seeds all nice sized and plump, germinating no worries
good staff and communication
They take Visa, no fucking around all easy and perfect
thats how happy with them I am.

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guest United States, May 2019

Pour ma deuxième expérience avec ce vendeurs, ben cest une vrai catastrophe. à cause dun problème d«adresse, ben il nont rien de mieux à me proposer sinon (un coupon de 30%, en fait une forme de soustraire encore plus de tune) et dattendre jusquà un an pour pouvoir avoir mes graine. Il semble quil vivent sur une autre planète: pour livrer les graine cest quelques jours mais pour un retour à l?expéditeur pour que je puisse payer un nouveau envoi il faut attendre 12 mois (dici la je peux fumer mes rideaux). À éviter

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Got 10 seeds of two different strains and they are all herme. Got another batch of different seeds from a different resource and all went well. Beware of MOC.