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medical weed strains for sale

Growing this award-winning strain requires moderate experience. These medical seeds grow into tall plants that need regular trimming for the yields to be satisfactory. Indoor plant flowering period lasts from 56 to 63 days, after which you are rewarded with 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft² (450 – 550 g/m²). Although outdoor plants flowering period is a little longer, the yields are worth the wait as they range from 21 – 23 oz (600 – 650 gr) per plant.

Growing Alien OG medical weed seeds can be tricky for beginners, but a piece of cake for experienced growers. The strain does well in mild climates and with its medium height, you can plant it either indoor or outdoors. It is best planted indoor, where you can loosely monitor temperature and humidity. Indoor-grown Alien OG flowering time lasts for 63 days, after which you are rewarded with high yields ranging from 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft² (450 – 500 g/m²). Although outdoor crops flowering time is longer, the yields are worth the wait, as they range from 17 – 21 oz (500 – 600 gr) per plant. If you want to add this strain to your garden, you can find Alien OG medical cannabis seeds for sale in our online seed bank.

Outdoor yields are higher, with each plant producing 14 – 18 oz (400 – 500 gr) per plant, while with indoor yields, you can expect 1.6 oz/ft² (350 – 400 g/m²).

Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a well-balanced medical cannabis strain with high THC levels averaging between 26 – 28%. These medical marijuana buds deliver euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing effects that leave you glued to your couch. It has a unique flavor profile that comprises chemical, earthy, piney, diesel, and herbal notes, making it an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients. Gorilla Glue is a blend of Chem Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.

When grown indoors, you can expect to harvest your buds after a flowering time of 63 – 77 days. Maui Wowie plants produce 12 – 14 oz (350 – 400 gr) per plant for outdoor crops. On the other hand, indoor yields range from 1.3 – 1.5 oz/ft² (400 – 450 g/m²).

In the world today, the therapeutic potential of cannabis has made this green herb a necessity for various ailments.

When looking for medical cannabis seeds for sale, the cannabinoid profile must be the first thing to consider. The level of THC and CBD determines the effect that strain will have on your body. From the list below, you will notice some strains have high THC levels while others have high levels of CBD. Therefore choose the strain depending on the symptoms you are looking to treat.

Regular Marijuana seeds means a mixture of male and female seeds. These are avaible with varying proportions. Male plants have to be removed or planted separately in order to avoid pollination. However, if you are planning to breed new seeds, the male plants are essential.

Additionally, our Cannabis seeds are always fresh and never purchased as bulk material. We only sell quality goods, assessing every seed before shipping. This is why we can guarantee that only seeds with the highest quality are delivered to our customers.

Feminized seeds only grow into female plants with resin carrying buds. This will directly result in a higher yield of the home grown Cannabis. These seeds are best suited if the cultivator wants to skip the removal of the male plants and is only interested in breeding resin-carrying buds.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

We offer, among others, the following Cannabis seeds:

Regular, feminized, and auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds from the Netherlands

The seeds were selected according to their first-class germinal performance with particularly high yields, high-level resistance, and adaptability.

At High Supplies you can buy cannabis seeds comfortably online – always at the best prices. We sell premium marijuana seeds as a trademark and don’t feel the need to ask our customers for a minimum purchase. Take your time and poke around our page. We are looking forward to your order.

Medical cannabis seeds are seed strains specifically breed to offer some medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It could be to help cure insomnia, or to relief pain. The seeds cut across strain types and growing species. You can have Sativa strains for medicinal purposes just as you would still find Indica and hybrid strains curated to offer immense therapeutic benefits.

Truly, medical cannabis is here to stay but before you get on the bandwagon, it is only proper that you equip yourself with a little background knowledge of what seeds qualify as medical cannabis and how to grow them for your specific purpose.

At AMS Seeds , we have a large catalog of properly curated medical cannabis seeds for varying strain types and purposes. Our medical cannabis seeds include the regular, feminized and autoflowering variants to meet the demands and special needs of those who use cannabis for medicine.

Cannabis and the ECS

Cannabis influences the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is present in all mammals and enables it to function optimally. The ECS’s primary function is to maintain balance in the body and bodily function. Where there is an imbalance, illness exist and to correct the anomaly, the ECS must reset that part of the body and bring it back to a state of homeostasis.

Medical cannabis seeds can help for a wide range of conditions. Several researches have found good cause to conclude that cannabis is particularly potent with pain management, anxiety and depression management, post cancer treatments and treatments of symptoms arising from chronic conditions such as AIDS, treatment and management of autoimmune diseases and supporting the body in its fight against illness and imbalance.

Recent legalization in some States and the continued advocacy for the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is generating considerable interest in medical marijuana and home growing of cannabis. The legalization of medical cannabis has afforded thousands of people in cities across North America and across the world the privilege of gaining access to a much needed therapy intervention, and for those who cannot afford buying from a licensed dispensary, the opportunity to raise their own pot plant in the comfort of their homes.

Sativa, Indica Dominance: Also important to consider is the Indica or Sativa-dominance of the medical pot seeds you choose. Indica strains produce a body high that translates to relaxation, reduced inflammation and effective pain-relief. Indica strains are commonly used in the treatment of chronic pain, arthritic and rheumatic stiffness and swelling, insomnia and anxiety. However, an intensive Indica body stone can make it difficult to function normally, so it is often best for night time use.