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The use, production, manufacturing, and distribution of medical marijuana are legal at the federal level in Australia in 2021, provided that you meet a few stipulations.

Nimbin, the weed capital of Australia

In January 2020, the ACT became the first Australian region to legalize recreational marijuana use and possession. However, it is illegal to use, grow, or possess cannabis seeds in public places within the ACT. Selling or distributing marijuana (which includes sharing your stash with a friend) and driving with any trace of cannabis in your system are also illegal.

Medical Marijuana’s First Appearance in Australia

Girl Scout Cookies

As of January 31, 2020, it is now legal – in the ACT only – to grow marijuana seeds from a local or online seed bank for personal medical or recreational use.

As long as you choose cannabis seeds with these inner-traits, you’ll find buckets of bud come harvest time.

Girl Scout Cookies

Once germinated the laws change, and while you can legally buy Cannabis seeds and have them in your possession, germination, planting and growing them is forbidden in many States and countries. Before you begin growing your own Marijuana make sure you are fully aware of the penalties involved should you be caught, and ensure that in territory you wish to grow Cannabis has a lenient drugs policy, and you know the maximum number of plants you are allowed to grow before the penalties become too severe.

Cannabis possession is illegal in Australia, however each State has different rules, with the penalties varying greatly from State to State. Several States are already involved in clinical trials regarding the medical benefits of Cannabis, and while it still remains illegal to grow and produce your own Cannabis, some States are much more relaxed regarding the rules than others.


The major advantage with growing Autoflowering seeds is they will flower, bud and mature regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive. At just a few centimeters tall, and even under twenty-four hour continuous light, the seedlings will still begin to produce flowers, and over the next sixty days will grow and flower simultaneously, resulting in a fully mature Cannabis plant, with identical tasting buds as their regular and feminized counter-parts.

Marijuana and Cannabis plants have two distinct stages in their lives; Vegetative and Flowering. To remain in its vegetative or growth stage the plant must receive at least twelve solid hours of uninterrupted daylight. The flowering phase begins once the daylight hours drop to an even 12/12 day and night ratio, and the plant begins to receive less sunlight than it requires to remain in its vegetative phase.

Growing Cannabis seeds outdoors is a much cheaper option, requiring very little investment. Many experienced growers will germinate their seeds indoors and help them become established before planting them outside during the later part of Spring. Left to grow over the Summer, outdoor Marijuana plants will quickly grow tall, and as the days begin to shorten, will produce flowers and buds, ultimately leading to complete maturing during the early part of the Fall.

Blue Haze autoflowering mixes an indica high that boosts relaxation while mixing a sativa buzz that opens up your mind to positive thoughts and ideas, perfect for brainstorming and artistic projects in the evening.

You don’t need to break the bank in order to set up a successful grow room. After you buy marijuana seeds in Perth Amboy, it’s time to think about providing them with a loving home. Even though some marijuana equipment can be expensive, it’s not mandatory. We know customers who casually grow marijuana by their windowsill.

Casey Jones Feminized Marijuana Seeds

There’s no secret recipe for growing the best and the healthiest marijuana plants. That’s because every marijuana strain is slightly different. Also, it’s up to the grower to decide how they’d like to grow and care for their plants. For example, some growers require a low-maintenance strain that takes care of it itself because they work 50hours a week. Here are some basic practices for keeping your plants healthy…

The marijuana seeds at Pacific Seed Bank are the real deal! No gimmicks, no tricks, no nonsense! Just high-quality marijuana seeds that you can easily grow at home.

The marijuana laws in this country are changing so rapidly! 2012 is when the big marijuana movement broke out in Washington and Colorado. Since then, most states have jumped on board the marijuana train, either legalizing marijuana entirely or for medical purposes.