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marijuana seeds for sale philippines

A blend of our very own PH landrace (aka Lokal/Kalinga), Nothern Lights Auto, DJ Shortberry and Blueberry. The Du30 strain is a short and compact plant that produces dense buds. Buds are dense, with an orange tint and citrus aroma. Recommended for those who love head-high buzz, daytime toker and munchies lovers.

Warning: Sale of products

In most countries, the sale of cannabis seeds is illegal. The Support your LOCAL Grower Philippines sells seeds as collectable genetic souvenirs only. Support your LOCAL Grower Philippines shall refuse to sell cannabis seeds to anyone whom we have reason to believe is seeking to cultivate them in a country where doing so is illegal.

Chief Insp. Cristopher Navida, head of the Cebu City police’s intelligence branch, said Empasis and Lumactud were arrested in the village of Tisa here.

Mheacy Empasis, 23, and her companion, Trinidad Lumactud, 46, are facing charges for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Act of 2002.

Their investigation led them to the couple.

Empasis denied that she was selling illegal drugs although she admitted that she and Parba were in a relationship.

Seized from Empasis were 1.07 kilograms of shabu worth P12.6 million.

“We don’t know what made her do it,” Lapitan said.

She said Carcosia would face disciplinary action, of which the maximum penalty, “considering the gravity” of her offense, could be expulsion from UPLB.

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All cannabis, medical, recreational, CBD, etc etc is illegal, illegal illegal, and it maybe some time before any of this is addressed (CBD in a low 1% THC ratio may be allowed by the end of 2021 is my guess; Duterte said ‘no legalization during my presidency) ). Drug charges are not bailable, so you will have to sit and wait the long wait for your charges to even be heard. Charges here are severe for cannabis, even small amounts. Rich people get out of jail, poor people generally stay in jail. Be wary of setups, thar be dragons in them there hills.

It is quite apparent that the use of MJ in the Philippines at present, is merely for recreational purpose rather than medical. And it was only recently, that Filipinos started talking about it. Well, most of MJ users who are predominantly using it for fun, would love the idea of having it legalize. But aside from them, there are also scores of people who’s love ones are lying sick in vain because the Government is depriving them from healing thru this commonly misunderstood product of nature. In my humble understanding, those people who are using it ignorantly is synonymous with our current Government officials such us “Sotto” who does not understand about it’s healing effects. I myself was cured from insomnia and depression thru this wonder herb “illegaly” of course. HOW IRONIC

President Rodrigo Duterte’s impact on cannabis

In 2016, Rodrigo Duterte was elected as president of the Philippines. He was previously the mayor of Davao, and had been linked in the past to the notorious Davao Death Squad, which was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of suspected drug dealers.

@NoWay you know what dont blame the weed its your brothers choices in life to blame.. Weed does not dictate man what to do in life.. Weed has the be abused cause everything can be abused its up to the persons own thinking if he is going to..

Good day everyone, Let me introduce myself first, I’m a student here at Phillippines and I’m currently having a quantitative research about medical purposes of Cannabis.
Way back 2015 I diagnosed that I have a mental disorder which is anxiety, then one day curiousity hits me that’s why I read articles about anxiety and what organic medication can be use to it because I don’t want to take pill like diazepam tablets (Valium).
I believe most of the comments here would be helpful to make my thesis more reliable and realistic.
Because I know cannabis can be useful, benificial and profitable among Filipinos as long as we use it moderately.
I am hoping that I can gather some information and data to some of you, you can share your medical experience using cannabis while being anonymous.
You can send me a message thru Gmail, I’m looking forward to heard your stories!

I am here from the US and although I live in a state (within the US) where marijuana is illegal, I use it daily for help with my diabetes and my severe anger problems. For this plant to be considered an illegal drug is in itself criminal. It is a herb put here by our creator and has health benefits second to no other plant. For any one doubting this the should order the book. Marijuana The Gateway To Health and study the facts and not the bullshit put out by Government propagandist. If people worldwide could be shown why this plant was made illegal in the first place minds would quickly change as they would see it was for nothing more than to protect the money interest of the lumber and cotton industries of the United States. Although I have not smoked marijuana since coming to this beautiful place (Phillipines), I have had zero withdrawal symptoms. Can this be said about any of the prescription drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry worldwide? Wake up people!! You are being lied to constantly to protect the money interests of the world. This is a easily provable fact. Proving marijuana has ever hurt anyone physically is what is impossible! Study the facts yourselves and quit believing the lies!