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marijuana seeds for sale paypal

Your order will not go through right away because you are not using a direct method of payment, and you can use live chat to talk to the customer service team.

When you would like to use a credit card or bank account that is attached to Pay Pal, you can use your Pay Pal information when you are on the live chat. This ensures that you can pay the way that you would like while you are still online.

What Are The Advantages Of Pay Pal?

As you hunt for the best seed banks that take Pay Pal, you will discover some big names like Crop Kings, Sunwest, Seedsman, and ILGM. These companies have long been at the forefront of the seed industry, and they have created a wide range of varieties for their customers.

At the same time, Pay Pal allows you to connect as many bank accounts as you want. You can connect different debit cards to the account, and you should choose the method of payment that you prefer when setting up your account. This is very important because CropKing or Sunwest cannot make that choice for you. They run the payment as a Pay Pal payment, and you will see the payment go through on your Pay Pal account.

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Today there are only a few seed banks worldwide that accept PayPal. There are speculations that some online seed banks are not accredited because these may not be trusted by the payment system. Always double-check the website if they accept PayPal before wasting your time choosing the perfect strain to purchase. Then if not, I am sure there are other ways to purchase your seed in a secure and safe manner.

However, there is a risk to the seed company like us as PayPal may flag our account or shut it down completely. PayPal may also suspend the customers account when PayPal notices that cannabis seeds were purchased. This only happens though if the customer does not follow the instructions set by the seed company.

It states that “All receivable payments from PayPal that are used in buying steroids, controlled substances, narcotics or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited”. That is the reason why some become pessimistic when using PayPal.

The Pros

If you are looking for cannabis seed banks that take PayPal, then you have come to the right place as we take this payment method when you order marijuana seeds from our seed company.

Another advantage when using Paypal is that they act as a gatekeeper for your financial information. Paypal sends them your payment as easy as 1-2-3.

Some may have second thoughts about ordering marijuana seeds online, one of the issues is choosing what payment channel to use. The buyer always wants to be secure when checking out the item. If you check on several seed banks’ websites, you may have noticed that some offer PayPal as a payment channel. Most of these seed banks accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin, Money Transfer and a lot more. You may still find smaller shops that accept PayPal as a method of payment. Although they try their best to handle payments discretely to avoid the flagging of their accounts.

The reason why some seed banks do not have Paypal is that they charge high commission rates. Many of the seed banks that offer online selling are not very big companies. A third party vendor will eat up part of the profit, which is not reasonable. PayPal has a policy that every user must agree to before signing up.

To determine which seed banks take Paypal payments, you can simply get the information by asking Paypal about it. It’s the best way to make sure that your fund and account will not suspend. However, chances are less that Paypal supports any cannabis-related vendor.

You may not think this too big of an opportunity, judging how almost everyone uses mobile for daily tasks. Now you can also use Paypal on a mobile app, but it doesn’t support other third-party payment processors . Consequently, Paypal works smoothly and flawlessly in its native environment.

If you are working with Paypal, you can quickly transfer money from your bank account and then spend on your cannabis seed using the balance that your PayPal account just got from your bank account. This way, your bank statement will show that you transferred a certain add up to PayPal, but it won’t say what you bought.

Controlled Substances Act

If Paypal successfully verifies your bank account , you can use your funds straightforwardly to pay for your cannabis seeds through Paypal as an outsider. This process takes a couple of days, though, so if you are rushing for purchase and just setting up your Paypal account, you need to skip this alternative.

The only seed bank we found that accepts payment via Paypal is Weed-crew . But wait, there’s a catch in this situation. If you ask a vendor by phone or email to arrange a Paypal method for your cannabis purchase, they might be able to help. Most probably, they will ask you to pay as a family or friend, as if you are paying for a general, valid purpose. That way, Paypal cannot flag and suspend the vendor as well as you for cannabis purchase.

At present, PayPal allows you to stack up your account using credit, debit, and check cards. You can make the last choice by entering your deposit account information to your PayPal account.

Today there are just a couple of seed banks worldwide that acknowledge PayPal. There are considerations that a few online seed banks are not approved because the payment system may not trust these. Always double-check the website if they acknowledge PayPal before wasting your time choosing the perfect strain to purchase. Then if not, there are other ways to purchase your seed securely and safely. Go through this article to learn about buying marijuana seeds with Paypal.