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marijuana seeds for sale in california

The weather and soil of San Luis Obispo County makes it an agricultural center for all kinds of produce, cannabis included. 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach is your connection to seeds from top-ranked California breeder Cali Connection. Cali Connection’s feminized Blue Dream Haze is so easy to grow, you can toss a few beans in your backyard, set it, and nearly forget it till harvest.

It’s worth a road trip up to Humboldt to visit this genetics mecca, where you can choose from an overwhelming 200+ varieties of seeds from industry leaders like Humboldt Seed Company, TGA Genetics, Rebel Grown, Crockett Family Farms, and DNA Genetics, as well as rarities from local breeders like South Fork Seed Collective ,and NorStar Genetics. Look for old-school favorites like Cannalope Haze from DNA Genetics, Pre-98 Bubba Kush from Cali Connection, and Jack’s Cleaner from TGA Genetics, who also offers five seeds for just $30, making it more affordable to mix and match a few different varieties. HPRC lists more seeds on Leafly than any other place in the world!

Don’t Want to Grow?

Start fantasizing about your backyard crop by browsing the menus, find the plants best suited to your needs at a dispensary near you, and begin planning your Spring garden now!

California is the best place in the world to buy legal cannabis seeds — since 2018, they’ve been on sale in dozens of stores across the state. All you need is a valid I.D. showing you are 21 and over, and some cash. Here’s the best dispensaries in California to get your garden growing in 2019.

Desert dwellers south and east of Los Angeles can tap the power of the blazing sun to grow their own affordable supplies of CBD-rich cultivars from Equilibrium Genetics — in stock at Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs. CBD Glue Tide 1:1 takes the joy of Original Glue’s aroma and pairs it with the soothing effects of CBD. The strain Orange Romulawi promises a trippy mix of citrus, sedative Romulan, and energetic Malawi. As for “Lemon Wookie Glue”? That’s all you to discover.

The Cannabis Control Board in California states that the maximum number of cannabis plants an individual can grow in California is six plants. For you to legally follow this accordance, you have to be over the age of 21 and not grow these plants in a community that has a restriction on marijuana cultivation.

Bertsch-Ocean View, Crescent City, Del Monte, East Coolidge, Lake Earl/Fort Dick, Old Mill, Parkway Drive, Pine Grove, Vipond – Lakeview, Willow Glenn

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in California: A Complete Buying Guide

Amber Hills, Highlands, Mountain Shadows, Patton, West Highlands

Downtown, Riverside, Orangecrest, Riverside, Hawarden Hills, Riverside, Arrowhead, San, Bernardino, Sycamore Canyon Park, Riverside, Canyon Springs, Riverside, Roosevelt, San Bernardino

Burlingame Gardens, Burlingame Gate, Burlingame Park, Burlingame Terrace, Burlingame Village, Country Club Manor, Downtown, Easton Addition, Lyon Hoag, Burlingame Estates, Burlingame Hills, Oak Grove, Ray Park

Fragrance is a key component of indica-leaning West OG marijuana, a tranquilizing strain with a true west coast appeal, that’s as easy on those who grow it as it is those who partake.

When it comes to seed banks and California, there’s one particularly neat thing about Pacific Seed Bank: we’re actually based in California! So, even though we promise fast, discreet, and reliable shipping to customers all over the country, if you live in California you get an even better deal: your weed seeds will arrive on your doorstep with incredible speed because they’re delivered from practically next door!

Deliciously sweet with a smooth and soothing high, Sweet Tooth marijuana is a high-yielding medical strain for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Sweet Tooth Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Perfect for use at the end of the evening, Copper Kush is known for boosting moods quickly before sending deep relaxation throughout the entire body.

Go ahead and taste the sweetness and earthiness of Forbidden Fruit marijuana seeds. This hybrid awakens and uplifts the mind while boosting focus and clarity.

One question a lot of new marijuana seed strain buyers have involves cannabinoids. These chemical compounds occur naturally in marijuana, and they’re one of the most talked-about aspects of the plant because they are perfectly formulated to interact intimately with our insides: the body’s own endocannabinoid system was so-named after scientists in the 80s discovered THC molecules (the most populous cannabinoid in most weed seed strains) fit like perfect puzzle pieces with the receptors in our bodies designed to also play nice with neurotransmitters and other chemicals naturally produced in our brains. Pretty cool, right?

KC 33 is a great wind-down strain that stimulates the mind before deeply relaxing and weighing down the body for a night of rest.