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Every plant has an optimal temperature level at which the maximum level of photosynthesis takes place.

You’ll receive some benefits over soil:

7. Thermometer

Soil actually acts as a natural buffer, as long as you feed your plants with a slightly alkaline nutrient solution (above 7 pH).

Any marijuana plant needs 4 essential elements to grow:

Next up we have another one of those age-old debates…

When you’re just starting out, I highly recommend you start out with soil, because:

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Before you make a decision, though, remember the following if you’re considering building an entire grow room:

While you may love those strong, delicious scents, others around you might not. Moreover, more aroma attracts more pests, so if scent control is vital to your grow, you’ll want a charcoal filter to help scrub the particles in the air that contain the smell of your plants.

Part 3: Grow Lights

Once you have the total number of kilowatt-hours used in your grow room, you’ll multiply that number by your area’s electricity rate. Though this number varies, the average electricity rate in the United States is 13.19 cents per kilowatt-hour as of December 2020.

If you rent a home, doing these kinds of modifications will probably be out of the question. Alternatively, if you’d rather eliminate a lot of the busywork that goes into assembling a grow room, you should consider a grow tent.

Are you ready to really grow? If you’re looking for the biggest, best-tasting harvests, you’ll want an 8x4ft hydroponics grow kit. Be aware that you’re going to have to put in some work, but when you take a look at your incredible yields, it’ll definitely be worth it.