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The perfect balcony or deck plant comes to mind when talking about growing Auto Lowryder outdoors. Stout and tough, this strain can tolerate moderately severe weather; however, frost is a killer so make certain you time your harvest before the days turn too cold. Reaching heights on average of sixteen inches outdoors and harvestable generally within nine to ten weeks makes it possible to turn two harvests per year in northern climates. One hundred grams per plant harvests are not unheard of in outdoor environments with appropriate feeding, watering and light.

Not to be left out of the mix is . This more sativa dominant hybrid of Northern Lights 10brings about feelings of happiness, creativity and euphoria. Although effective in treatment of depression, the strain is more popular with recreational users than medical users. Best used as a daytime enhancement to outdoor activities the tropical citrus mixed with pine flavor teases the taste buds into wanting more. Be careful not to overdo it though, this strain packs a punch with a 22% THC content.


Patience is key when smoking this strain. The effects develop slowly but powerfully over time. Most of us have smoked marijuana we affectionately call creeper bud because of its subtle ability to sneak up on you and that’s exactly what Auto Lowryder does. A sense of relaxation sets in within minutes but it won’t couch lock you. The sativa nature brings on a focused energy that will have you wanting to do something fun or work on neglected projects around the house. As the buzz begins to fade, smokers can look forward to a restful undisturbed sleep.

It isn’t often that any strain of marijuana doesn’t come with some small form of undesirable effect. However, Auto Lowryder Fem strain is one of the rare strains whose adverse effects are as minimal as they come. Users of the strain report a mild dry mouth and dryness around the eyes. This is easily fixed with water or a slushy drink of some sort. First time users of the strain or inexperienced cannabis users may experience some mild paranoia, dizziness and minor anxiety. This is completely normal for those not used to higher THC strains. It is recommended to keep some orange juice on hand should the adverse effects become a little too much. For unknown reasons, orange juice and concentrated forms of vitamin C seems to have magical properties at curtailing the effects of over consumption of THC.

Very similar in flavor to fragrance. Traces of pine and citrus will dance across your palette as you toke on a joint rolled from this strain. Some users liken the strain to a lemony butterscotch tart while others swear it tastes like a Christmas Ham basted in citrus fruits. Whatever flavor you taste, you will enjoy the mellowness and subtlety of the strain.

Thanks to its genetic history, this strain grows extremely fast. From seed to harvest, it can take as little as 8 to 9 weeks and the flowering time lasts for about 6 of those weeks. Even more, like the OG Lowryder strain, the Lowryer 2 doesn’t need a specific light schedule to flower. It can handle the flowering all on its own, without the assistance of a light cycle. During its growth, the aroma of skunk can get quite strong. If you decide to grow this strain indoors, think about adding some odor-eliminating measures to reduce the smell. When growing outdoors you can get two harvests because of its speed. The first harvest is around the end of June or early July, then the second harvest is early to mid-September. Yields can get pretty high for such a short plant, reaching 300 grams per M2 or 125 to 130 grams per outdoor plant.

Because Lowryder 2 is a classic auto-flowering strain, its ruderalis genetics provide a worthwhile CBD potency. The levels of CBD, a highly-therapeutic cannabinoid, perfectly compliments the THC content of 10 to 14% and helps to sustain its effects. Therefore, you may find yourself smoking this strain with less frequency because the effects can stay with you for hours. Medical users love this plant for its ability to relieve pain and ease joint discomfort. People with ADD and ADHD also find it very useful. Overall, this is a happy, relaxing, and deeply therapeutic strain meant to take slowly if you’re a novice cannabis smoker.

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Autoflowering Type

As for the aroma, the skunk genes are pretty dominant during its life cycle. There are also musty and earthy aromas that start to show up during the late flowering stages and remain even after harvest. However, if you want to alter this aroma, properly dry and cure your nugs to bring out more natural and spicy aromas that will also impact the tasting notes.

Lowryder 2 is a cross between the original, legendary Lowryder strain and Santa Maria, a hybrid that hails from Brazil. It was created from the well-respected breeder, The Joint Doctor, who’s best known for developing the first-ever commercial auto-flowering strain. The result of this cross created the love-child, Lowryder 2, an Indica-dominant auto-flowering strain that takes the best of what its parents have to offer. It takes on the short, compact growing size of one parent while embodying the uplifting, happy effects and lightening fast flowering time of its other parent.

Lowryder 2 is a fantastic strain for beginner growers who want a low maintenance plant and have limited space in which to grow it. It can take as little as 50 days to flower indoors, making this plant one of the fastest auto strain varieties to mature. Given the compact structure of the strain and the average heights of 60 to 80 cm (100 cm at the tallest), you have the freedom to grow her in almost any small space. Finally, the yields are great for having a short stature, and the effects are medical-grade worthy.

Compared to the Lowryder 1, the upgraded version, known as Lowryder 2 has larger and denser buds, plus the aroma it gives off is much more prominent. The stalks produce wide leaves that are dark green. The buds themselves can become a deep violet color with orange hairs, adorn many white trichomes, and give you sticky fingers with its volume of resin.

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Lowryder is probably the most known auto-flower variety around today. Auto-flower is a type of plant that will flower almost straight after germination, with very little to none veg required. Though it may not be the best smoke out there, there isn’t much else which delivers as quickly and in such a small plant.

Lowryder is still one of the fastest growing strains on the market and just never dissapoints.

Lowryder (Vision Seeds) feminized

Fred V.G
J’ai commander de la lowryder il y a 2-3 semaine d’ici, elle est génial ! C’est une plante qui est facile à faire pousser, et qui prend très peut de place. Pour les amateurs de la plante qui désir cultiver je la vous conseille 🙂 Merci ZAMNEZIA

Lowryder by Vision Seeds is one of the fastest growing plants available with a total life cycle of 8 weeks from seed to harvest. As the name suggest this is an extremely small plant growing up to 50cm tall, making this a perfect choice for those discrete grow operations. After 9 generations of selection, lowryder is stable and reliable with no hermaphrodite traits. Using an experimental Mexican Ruderalis, Williams Wonder and Northern Lights #2, Lowryder combines over 25 years of breeding.

compact plant
VISION SEEDS it a very good breeder.Big ceeds,3months outdoor to harvest on the northern europe.In the end mould was showing because plant is very small and full of thc cristals:)

Super Pflanze und ehrlich gesagt muss man keinen großen Topf verwenden. Hab einen 1.5l Topf verwendet und meine Dame ist staatliche 70cm groß geworden, das ist weit über der Standard Größe. 5 Sterne