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Background checks are performed on an applicant, director, shareholders and key employees to prevent criminal interests from operating, associating or having a financial interest in cannabis retail sales in Alberta.

IMPORTANT: All retail cannabis licence applicants must undergo extensive mandatory background checks.

Applicants not eligible for a retail cannabis license include:

NOTE: Prior to October 17th, 2018, CBD was listed as a controlled substance under Schedule 2 of the CDSA. The sale of CBD products, unless sold by a Health Canada Licensed Producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, was prohibited.

As of October 17, 2018, CBD and products containing CBD (including cannabis or hemp oil containing CBD) are subject to all of the rules and requirements that apply to cannabis under the Cannabis Act and its regulations. In Alberta, CBD and products containing CBD such as cannabis oil, can only be sold to adults (individuals 18+) by an AGLC licensed cannabis retailer or federally-licensed seller of cannabis for medical purposes.

What are the available cannabis products that customers will be consuming?

What accessories are available to assist in cannabis consumption?

Hemp vs CBD Oil

What to expect when purchasing cannabis? When purchasing cannabis in the retail store the consumer will notice cannabis is sectioned into three distinct groups, sativa.

Educational vids? Check. Informative articles? Check. Some fun stuff to kill time with? Double-check. But what are you doing reading this totally unnecessary blurb? Get in there already.

Cannabis is now available to you; do you have all the information you need to confidently explore your options? Co-op Cannabis stores are created for you to feel safe and educated when considering consumption.

Haven’t heard of Oakum Cannabis? Don’t worry. You will soon. The Kelowna-based licensed cannabis producer that aims to elevate the cannabis experience for customers. And with products slated to hit store shelves this month, consumers will soon be able to try the fresh, high-quality flower products firsthand. Below, Oakum’s Anthony.

Southern California. 1971. This serves as the backdrop for all that San Rafael ‘71 stands for. The cannabis brand is an industry standout based on quality alone, but add in the brand colours, the chill vibe and SoCal approach—you have a weed brand that rings true to cannabis’ Cali-cool roots. .

Jul 28, ’21

Cheers from The High Bar. Kiaro’s latest in-store experience features the most refreshing of all cannabis products: beverages. What’s on tap? We’re glad you asked. We’ve waxed poetic about our collection of canna-beverages—see this post on Pot Girl Summer for evidence—and now we’re bringing that excitement in store. Each Kiaro.