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indoor bagseed grow

Edit: can’t post direct pictures? (from PhotoBucket)

I’m growing mostly natural, don’t wan’t to spend too much.

> Some bagseed from a Greenhouse grow (i think lol)
> Growing in an old speaker cabinet
> 2x 20 watt CFL lights
> 5 plants ATM, going to select the best growing and half it until on 1 (maybe 2)
> 3 PC fans (intake, regulating through the box, exhaust)
> Took some soil out my dads garden lol
> one plant is in potting soil

Hi all, i just decided to do my first grow, and was wondering if i should post it online :p
I have read a lot of information and still going, thoughts on the grow is greatly appreciated.

Grow Box:
just attaching images until i figure out how to direct link it from photobucket :/
added a picture from how the box looked at first lol.
Built my own little exhaust to stop light from filtering out front. (put it over the speaker hole)
Added a

With a little effort, the seedling should soon push through the soil revealing its first set of “sucker leaves.” This is an exciting time as this is an indication of its impending growth; the sucker leaves are hungry for light and will absorb it readily to provide energy for future growth. Be sure your lighting is sufficient at this point as the bulk of your plants growth will depend on it.

Generally, you can simply place your seed in some healthy soil or even rock wool cubes to start the germination process, but not being able to see your seeds sprout could leave you waiting indefinitely for it to never happen in the first place. To ensure your bag seeds sprout as easily as possible, we suggest soaking them in tap water for 24 hours prior to germination to encourage the breakdown of the nutritious seed shell.

How to Sprout Seeds from a Bag of Cannabis

Once you’ve amended your soil and secured a grow location, it’s time to sprout some seeds! Though many prefer procuring seeds from a seed bank to increase the likelihood of viability, bag seeds are definitely worth a go, but may not be as fruitful as store-bought seeds. Nevertheless, if you have a few marijuana bag seeds lying around, you should definitely try to sprout them. Here’s how.

Have you tried to grow marijuana from bag seeds? Tell us about your luck.

We certainly don’t want to discourage you from germinating bag seeds from your cannabis stash, but there are still some cautions you should account for. For example, even if you know the strain that the seed came from, you don’t know what caused the seed to be produced in the first place. If it was a male plant, it could pass on some of its traits resulting in an unknown phenotype. Whereas the bag it came from may have been an uplifting strain, its father could pass more lethargic traits to its offspring.

Of course it’s happening inside your head.
Why should that mean it isn’t real?

In order to grow good weed you need to be part carpenter, electrician, plumber, biologist, geneticist, chemist, and very willing to get dirty.

In Switzerland, where they were (briefly) able to grow large fields of psychoactive cannabis, they noticed that when Spring was warm, bright and moist, the result was a slight increase in the ratio of females.

RasJeph said:
Wow, thats some impressive undergrowth!

I’ve been working with power tools since I was 8, my dad is an electrical engineer who owned a 280 gal fish tank, and I studied biology with a specialty in genetics. Getting dirty comes naturally. I think my parents inadvertently trained me to be a weed grower.