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Robert Bergman is an experienced marijuana grower who started the project over 25 years ago at his home with several plants. He was very enthusiastic about marijuana cultivation and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with other fans.

I Love Growing Marijuana has a clean, modern, and user-friendly navigation design. Customers won’t have to click around too much to find what they’re looking for, thanks to three central buttons that lead to resources on growing, seed buying, and harvesting tips.


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MSNL is a famous marijuana seeds bank that has gained the trust of the public with a good reputation.. Now, if you are a marijuana fan, you almost certainly hear about people who try to buy marijuana from the shade seller on the side of the road and finally lose their money or get low-quality goods. MSNL is a reliable seed bank that offers large-scale solutions and high quality at reasonable prices.

One reason for ILGM’s success is that it not only sells seeds. They ensure you get as much knowledge as possible. They equipped each order with an ILGM comprehensive manual copy and access to much additional information on their website.

Expect a delay of up to 4 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The name’s Bergman.. Robert Bergman.

About ILGM

Due to the worldwide Corona outbreak, shipping of apparel takes longer than usual.

Since 2012, I’ve been on a quest to provide the world with quality products and educate them on the benefits of cannabis and the culture surrounding it. It’s no secret… Your best friend Mary Jane is everyone’s best friend. She’s been around for a long time, she has millions of followers, and she goes by many different names! Our friend is a superstar and it’s time to show that it’s more than just a “pass time”.

Now I bring to you, ILGM Shirts! The team and I have been hard at work to bring you this “dope” clothing line! Ladies Tees, Tank Tops, T-Shirts and Hoodies! All with original unique designs of your favorite strains! Individually designed and thoughtfully crafted to represent its corresponding strain, these are one-of-a-kind! Each piece comes with a brief description of the strain that’s on it. So browse around and discover your style, the hardest part will be choosing how many to buy!

Great tracking, seeds came, started with one, sprouted with no problems.

Ordered the seeds on 7-20. They arrived on 8-2. Put three in to H2O with H2O2 and Blackstrap Molasses. By 8-5 theyall had about /4" tails and went into soil. 8-8 1 had sprouted and was above ground. and today the other 2 were above ground (maybe planted a little deeper. What is not to be happy about ?? I also love the forum and apotforpot Being a new person to this I am able to glean a lot of useful information. Thank you again, and anything that I can do to help you I am more than willing. Thanks again, Dave Ogren

Great company to do business with.

Nfsot. Nice plant from seed from ILgm. She’s Six ft tall with lots of buds.

Order came fast and discrete. Seeds germinated great and on day 2 they shot up above medium. I highly recommend.

I have purchased seeds twice and it’s been a great experience both times! Quick shipping, lots of strain choices, good sales.