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i49 canada

Cool right?

You can pay them with money orders, debit cards, credit cards, bitcoin, or cash.

They have a total collection of 200 different types of marijuana strains on their online store. Some of the most popular marijuana seeds they sell are Northern lights, Gorilla Glue, Skunk #1, Amnesia, Great white shark, Chemdawg, and Strawberry cheese.

9. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank Review

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You have only two options when it comes to payments, one is a visa card and another Mastercard.

Now I am going to provide you the complete reviews of seed bank Canada.

You will have to pay $5 for Canada delivery and $16 to express Canada’s delivery.


Just like every other plant, Cannabis has numerous species and types. Depending on who you ask, you are bound to end up with mixed answers as to what are the best-selling strains ever.

_i ordered 5 blueberry big bud feminized auto’s . they arrived quickly. only 3 of the 5 germinated so i emailed i49 and they sent me out 2 replacement seeds. so far the original 3 are doing great._

wendy cross – so easy to use (5 stars)

An all-time favorite in the liberal city of Amsterdam, this essential strain has a sweet, candied flavor that reduces stress and relaxes the user’s mind.

It is an 80% indica strain whose buds are covered with resin, offering grape and lime flavors. This chunky strain stands out when placed next to other plants and creates a sense of distress which then leads to extreme relaxation.

Growing cannabis from seeds does not require a complicated skill. Like most gardening, all you need is a pot of good soil, seeds, water, a lot of light, and your garden will be brimming with cultivated marijuana in no time. Referred to by some as “weed,” cannabis can thrive in the wild without any human supervision, making their cultivation completely effortless.

Orders can be placed by visiting their website and through their 1-800 number, both of which have been lauded by customers for its speed and reliability. Here are a few of the reviews that might help you decide

Amazing company to work with , the germination rate so far is at 97% .. Will purchase again..

More fake reviews for another fake seed bank. I get a notification about reviewing this place and I didn't even know it was here on TP too. These guys all from Canada and they buy all there seeds from the UK and have some fools in the us sending out there seeds to make it look like they are us based. They are shady as ever. Dot waste your time reading these other fake reviews

Great price, fast delivery, awesome quality. Will shop here again and again.

Amazing company to work with