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Quick note: a bona fide nutty strain craze is a-brewin’ in cannabis.

“We’re getting slammed,” said Nathaniel Pennington, founder of seed leader Humboldt Seed Company in California. They offer 57 strains in their 2021 catalog, available in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Maine. “We’ve never had this level of demand.”

Cookies and Cakes, MAC and nuts

Similarly, Runtz crosses are everywhere, but only Equilibrium Genetics crossed Runtz to their mold and mildew-resistant African Orange to create Orange Runtz. Great idea.

Need more altitude? Wave Rider Nursery offers a unique Swazi Red Burmese that’ll get the heart racing.

Hashmakers will want Dying Breed Seeds, who crosses everything to their OG Eddy Lep, including:

It’s tempting to try to give your plants as much “good stuff” as you possibly can.

These strains were grown in the exact same conditions. The Amnesia Lemon produces big green buds of medium potency, while the Pacific Punch produced purple and sparkly buds that stayed small but were incredibly potent. I did nothing different between these plants. The differences are 100% from the genetics.

1.) More nutrients does not equal more buds

If you click the picture and zoom in close, you can see that nearly all the sparkly trichomes are milky white, indicating that this bud has reached the highest levels of THC.

I grew two Critical Purple Kush plants under different grow lights (one big, one little) and although they didn’t turn purple for me, both came out amazing. Huge yields, potent smooth buds, and just super easy and forgiving to grow.

If you look at the description of a strain, you should get a good idea of what to expect, especially with trustworthy breeders.

just outside of Tampa in Riverview, FL

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