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Westland Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes, enriched with BIO3 is a tried and tested formula, designed to help plants at every stage of their.

Grow It offers you everything you need to grow your own and create the perfect growing environment to nurture, care and protect plants and crops.

Kent & Stowe tools are made from high quality steel and FSC® certified ash wood. All tools come with a guarantee to ensure you get.

Why use Multi-Purpose Compost with BIO3

Our range of propagation is perfect for growing seeds and seedlings into strong and healthy plants. The range uses strong recyclable plastics to cut down on single plastic use.

We have everything from seed trays to growhouses, plant protection and plant supports as well as an indoor gardening range.

The Grow It collection of growhouses and tunnels are extremely robust with added stability pockets for extra sturdiness. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with replacement covers also available.

We’re all aware there’s been a shift in behaviour when it comes to sustainable gardening, and sustainability in general. People are more mindful than ever.

Trovare la giusta lampada per coltivazione indoor è un aspetto fondamentale, soprattutto per tutti coloro che si approcciano alla coltivazione per la prima volta, ed è per questo che il team di I-Grow ha realizzato questa breve guida con tutti i consigli utili per la scelta delle luci giuste.

Negli ultimi tempi si parla moltissimo dell’olio di Neem per quanto riguarda i suoi effetti curativi e idratanti per la bellezza e la salute della pelle e dei capelli, in realtà l’olio di Neem trova un largo uso anche in agricoltura biologica.

L’aumento esponenziale registrato nel 2020 dell’interesse del grande pubblico per i benefici della coltivazione in casa di erbe medicinali ha di fatto moltiplicato i “growers” casalinghi. In questo modo possono coltivare le piante in casa piuttosto che acquistare il prodotto da coltivatori diretti a un prezzo molto più alto.

Coltivare in casa: I-Grow lancia la nuova linea Spectrum Growbox One

Shared spaces are cared for spaces so let's all get involved and grow not just for ourselves but give back to nature. Share a veggie space with a pollinator, encourage a bird to your balcony, treat your verge to a makeover, grow food and give a frog a home. Sabrina Hahn is a whole lot of Hort with Heart – master gardener, horiculturalist with a passion for the creation of sustainable environments that make cities more liveable. Her aim is to make gardening an entertaining pastime and educate listeners in the important of creating biodiversity in their own backyards. She believes gardeners have a role to play in becoming caretakers of sustainable landscapes that allows other species to thrive. Sabrina has shared her passion for green spaces on ABC radio for 30 years, is a published author with three books under her belt and is a highly entertaining public speaker.

Theme: Design your patch 101 – tips for landscaping your edible garden Often the hardest part about gardening is knowing where to begin. Where should you grow your veggies for the biggest, healthiest crop? Where should the trees go? What about the paths? If you’re just starting your garden journey and are facing a big, empty patch of lawn it can be totally intimidating trying to decide where everything should go. Or maybe you’ve been gardening for a while and you just aren’t sure what to change, move or improve? In this AMA, I’ll be tackling all your edible garden landscaping questions, offering advice on making sure you plant for success and how to ensure your veggies, herbs and flowers get just the right amount of sunlight, water and nutrients from your soil. Post your question in the comments section below and I'll provide an answer during the live session. See you there !

Saturday 13th November 2021 – 3:00pm

From novice veggie grower to habitat warrior, food for yourself and others with Sabrina Hahn

Join Fiona Blackham from Gaia Permaculture and Permaculture West for an action-orientated session of how you can apply permaculture principles to grow delicious food at home. Fiona is the founder of Gaia Permaculture in Western Australia and runs regular workshops on all things permaculture and home grown. To book a private consultation or for more info visit

Tuesday 30th November 2021 – 7:00pm

Saturday 30th October 2021 – 3:00pm

Saturday 16th October 2021 – 3:00pm