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humboldt marijuana seeds

This strain can carry as much as a 25% THC content, so it is definitely potent. You will feel the powerful sativa effects within minutes of your first hoot. You are going to start feeling it right away in the head and face as it slowly spreads throughout your entire body. It brings about a welcomed euphoria and can leave you hovering on cloud nine for hours. The upbeat mood that it brings you makes it ideal for social gatherings and is advisable for people wanting to be productive.

The Humboldt strain seeds may come from a humble beginning without a known, proud lineage but they are able to deliver one heck of a product. Not only does it produce a complex flavor and aroma profile, tremendous psychoactive effects, but it also has a boatload of medicinal or therapeutic effects on top of that.

Known for coastal climates and impeccably fertile lands that are great for growing cannabis at home is an area known as Humboldt County. It even has an equal split hybrid strain that bears its name. The Humboldt Fem strain seeds are of unknown lineage. Another mystery in the cannabis seeds world that has left many to put on their Sherlock Holmes hat and speculate based on what heritage these terrific marijuana seeds boast.


This strain has a hashy and spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of Afghani Indica. Regardless of the parents and where this strain came from, it has immersed itself in the spotlight. It has profoundly relaxing and uplifting effects, similar to a Haze strain. These are well balanced effects that saddle the fence between sativa and indica lovers nicely and is great because it can be used any time of day.

This plant shows great versatility by being able to thrive indoors and outdoors equally well. Many growers find that growing indoors is preferable because factors like temperature and humidity can be easily controlled. Optimal growth will call for temperatures in the 70 to 80F range and humidity between 40-50%. The Sea of Green, or SOG for short, method is also recommended when trying to maximize indoor space and boost harvest size. The SOG method is when you force your plants to begin flowering at a young age, often about 2 weeks. This helps keep them smaller in addition to producing a harvest much sooner. When exposed to 600 Watt HPS/LED lights for 18-20 hours per day, these weed seeds can flourish and have produced as much as 6.5 ounces per square foot. Now that is one heck of a yield!

When you want to replenish that stash quickly, these cannabis seeds are a good choice. They will provide a yield after a 7-9 week flowering period which means you will be able to smoke them if you got them and not need to worry.

When it comes to growing Humboldt strain seeds you need to know that this requires plenty of attention and some familiarity with growing weed seeds. The effort is definitely worth it though, as it provides above average yields and produces big, globular buds with frost-like trichomes that will stand out in a crowd.

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Filled with a deeper connection to the Earth, this seclusion provided a safe and explorative space for many to participate in the evolution of modern cannabis. Renown for its quality during more than 40 years, the region has pushed the boundaries of what is possible from both cultivation and regulation for the state and nationwide. Humboldt County has become the place with the highest concentration of progressive organic gardening techniques carried out by some of the best growers and elite genetics in the world today.

Meet the new Fast cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization. In this section you will find the most innovative, super fast cannabis seeds created at Humboldt. Photo-dependent strains with the essence of the most sought-after classic strains of this bank, but with the peculiarity that they can flower very quickly. The Fast seeds retain all the properties of their standard version, but their flowering period is between 1 and 2 weeks shorter. Humboldt’s Fast seeds are available to all growers; they can be easily grown in northern areas and in cold climates where harvests arrive early. Growers wishing to maximize their indoor grows will find the Fast cannabis seeds to be the perfect solution.

The miners of the gold rush in the nineteenth century came and bought land, with the classic American desire to become millionaires at any price. Most of them did not make it, and the population declined when the gold ended.

Humboldt is the epicenter of the marijuana industry in Northern California, which is the most renown marijuana production area in the United States. Humboldt Seeds Organization is a collective of growers and breeders working in the Emerald Triangle, producing high quality organic marijuana, collecting and testing seeds and clones of the best strains, researching into specific medical strains, and breeding the best cannabis genetics California has to offer.

Our philosophy is to go as green as possible, so our business is based on sustainable economy practices, including the use of only organic nutrients, the respect and integration with our environment, recycling all the waste, and helping local businesses by buying green and local.