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Note: You can buy older trees instead of starting from scratch. Amazon sells grafted, 4-feet tall avocado trees that may yield fruit in 3-4 years instead of 10.

4. When the sprout gets about 6 inches tall, cut it back to about 3 inches to encourage more root growth.

Place the pot in a sunny spot and water lightly but often. The goal is to keep the soil moist but not sopping wet, California Avocados recommends. You can place the tree outdoors in the summer as long as temps stay above 45°F. Occasionally prune your plant (every 6 inches or so) to encourage fullness.

Caring for an Avocado Tree

And the best part is that it doesn’t require a ton of effort to grow an avocado tree indoors. All you have to do is hold on to a leftover pit and grab a few basic supplies to reap the benefits of this delicious fruit. Plus, this simple (and affordable) gardening project is fun for kids to try.

3. Place the glass in a warm spot out of direct sunlight and change the water regularly. Roots and a sprout should appear in about 2-6 weeks. If not, start with another seed.

Grab a few toothpicks and water to enjoy this pretty houseplant.

Just about any dish can benefit from avocados. Whether you’d like to take omelets, salads, sandwiches or smoothie recipes to the next level, nutrient-rich avocados are a great choice. This heart-healthy fruit (yep, believe it or not, it’s a fruit) is beyond versatile, making it the perfect food staple.

Avocado Houseplant Growing Tips
Tropical plant
Light: Full, indirect sun
Humidity: Moderate to high
Soil: do not dry out
Fertilizer: 7-9-5
Shape: Pinch back top leaves to encourage new side shoots
Room Temperature: 60° to 85°F (16° to 30°C)

A little reality check.

Commercial growers use grafting methods to ensure fruit quality and quantity that are not really possible for home growers.

How to Grow Your Avocado Tree Indoors

If you’ve been trying to root avocado seeds by suspending them over a glass of water with toothpicks, there is an easier way. I’ll show you a no-fuss way to root avocado pits to create new houseplants.

Water (room temperature distilled water) until moist, not damp. Top up the potting mix as needed.

For Fruit: Start with a grafted tree
For Fun: Grow seed into non-fruiting houseplant

Growing an avocado from seed is the slowest and least reliable way to get true (same as the parent) fruit.

Follow our guide to three of the most successful ways to plant.

The trick to successful planting is good planning.

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Where to plant

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Keep in touch with the nature you love without having to leave the house.

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Grow a tree from seed at home with our easy to follow instructions.