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how to get your own weed strain

As there are some economic advantages to purchasing seeds, there are also some disadvantages as well. If you are located a distance away from a seed bank, or you cannot order online, then it might be harder for you to buy seeds. More than that, you might have to spend more money to travel far just to buy seeds. Also, seeds can be quite pricey when purchased online, however, you can expect well-tested and quality seeds. But despite these disadvantages, consider that this is a more economical way to get seeds than growing or breeding your own strains.

Creating one’s own strain is something that many growers long for. Yes, there is an awesome feeling of making a new strain. You feel very proud that you have contributed to the cannabis society and may have possibly created a very potent, and therapeutic strain. As amazing as it sounds, there are many things to consider [when creating your own strain.

Take note that you may need to breed parent strains several times to get the trait/characteristics you want in cannabis. Consider not just the financial costs of growing cannabis but also your invested time and effort in making new strains.

Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Strains

Are you tired of the usual cannabis strains available from your local seed bank? Is there a lack of variety when it comes to cannabis strains that can grow in your area? Are you getting bored with the usual regular or feminized strain? If so, then why not buy a new strain, or how about creating a new one?

Some tips for an economic cannabis breeding project

Finally, you must need your strains tested for potency. Naturally, you want a potent strain, right? You want a strain that’s powerful and enduring whether you crave a recreational or medicinal strain. Although professional testing is expensive, you may use a home testing kit or perhaps have your strains personally tested by friends, for subjective reviews like flavor, effects, and vigor. Professional testing is standardized testing, it is costly but totally worth it.

Indeed, purchasing a new strain is more cost-effective and easier to do rather than making a new strain. There are a lot of reliable seed banks like Crop King that you can trust. There’s no doubt that you will save time, effort, and money when you buy seeds rather than grow your own strain.

Some people like to store their pollen together with plain flour using a 1 part pollen to 3 part flour ratio. This helps absorb any moisture and also make pollination easier by increasing the volume of the pollen collected. Alternatively, you might want to try storing your cannabis pollen with silica gel packs

Whenever storing your pollen, make sure you minimize the chances of any moisture entering the container or bag. A good way to do this is to store your pollen bag inside 1 or 2 other bags (also known as double or triple bagging).

Pollen is usually collected by expert breeders and used to make cannabis seeds or breed unique strains. It can be manually extracted from flowering male plants and stored for well over a year.


When we talk about cannabis it’s easy to get caught up in the beautiful females that produce those cannabinoid-rich buds we all love and treasure. In fact, we have become so focused on the female cannabis plants that it’s almost considered a bad omen if a plant happens to turn out male.

Cannabis seeds develop in the flowers of the female plants after about 4-6 weeks from pollination. You will see the seeds starting to form in and around the pollinated buds.

Alternatively, you can try pollinating your female plants using a more “natural alternative.” Simply place your male plant in the same room as a female and give it a few good shakes once or twice a day for 2-3 days. This will help release pollen into the air and onto the bud sites of the female.

If your cannabis seeds don’t meet this description, let your plant develop a little longer. Some cannabis plants can develop mature seeds really late into their flowering cycle. If that’s the case, make sure you keep your plant alive with plenty of light and nutrients.

There is one thing you definitely need if you’re planning to breed your own weed strains: male cannabis plants. Unless your plan is to make feminized cannabis seeds, which is a different story we’ll dive into another time. To recognize and distinct male from female (and hermaphrodite) weed plants, have a look here.

After fertilization, you can let your cannabis plants fulfill their flowering period until they are ready to harvest. The seeds are fully grown after two to six weeks, but can stay in the bud and hung to dry after harvest. Your home grown cannabis seeds then require another month before they’re ready to be germinated – preferably with our favorite germination method.

Crossing Weed Strains

Creating own cannabis varieties is pretty easy too and could potentially be a green goldmine. Even if you don’t create the next Super Silver Haze on your first try, it is still worth trying. Cross-breeding your own weed strains is very educative and results in a huge collection of cannabis genetics. Meaning you might hold seeds to strains that are no longer being produced – to cultivate or cross-breed with.

Make sure there are no vents on and windows are closed though. As the male cannabis pollen is designed to travel with wind – and in this case we’re trying to contain it to not fertilize the wrong (or too many) female plants. Also avoid working with your female plants right after this job, as pollen easily sticks to your clothing and hair.

Selecting the ideal female cannabis plant is easier than selecting males. As you can truly judge the fruits before you put in the labor. To guarantee a stable plant, try growing her out of seeds and cultivate it from clone too. Thereafter, you can choose the characteristics you like to see in your own creation(s). Be sure to take aroma, structure, flowering time, esthetics, taste and effect into account – as those are the most important elements to look for in a good cannabis plant. Logically, only select the best of the best females to create your own weed seeds with.