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herbies seed bank review

my compliment to this breeder,, really love the seed all germinate as well with the free seed they give.. and oh yea they give free seed with all order.. will do new order

Orderd on may2nd recieved 4th sprouted 19hours later 10 / 10 / 10 /10 best service yet. Ill be back for sure.Well done Herb

guest Malaysia, September 2019

Third time using this company. Good selection and prices. Fast shipping. I can recommend without hesitation.

Amazing service NDD Love it!

Im outdoors, so this screwed up a lot of allotment space and wasted a lot of my time, effort and money. I find that Herbies usually has good customer service, but in this case, after e-mailing my complaint, their only offer for compensation was 15 free unspecified feminized seeds from their promotional stock, not a full replacement of the actual strain in question.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality cannabis seeds this December from the world’s most respected cannabis seed producers – all at the lowest online prices!

You may only have the ‘Free Seed’ when you purchase the actual seed you discovered the ‘Free Seed’ inside. You will be notified you have discovered the ‘Free Seed’ in the Shopping Cart when you have added the original seed(s) to the Shopping Cart (the free seed will also show inside the cart).

Have Fun Playing Hide ‘n’ Seed,

Celebrating over 20 years this December of trading cannabis seeds to the world, our dedicated sales team have developed a broad and detailed knowledge of the seeds industry and are here to help you. Why not call today 19/12/2010? on 01553 767285. Seed orders can also be placed over the phone.

Hide ‘n’ Seed, so how does it work?
At Herbies Seed Shop Free Seeds’ are hidden amongst our seeds, you may come across them when adding a pack of seeds to the shopping cart.

Herbies Seeds is also a popular name on cannabis forums. They have many advantages to being a top seed bank on your priority list. But they also have a lot of room for improvement.

If you want to order from Herbies, the fastest way is to order directly through their website. They have a website with a friendly design and an enthusiastic customer care team so ordering is almost no problem.

About Herbies Seeds

This strain is known as a monstrous yield strain that not all strains can achieve that number. It can give the highest yield up to 3000g / plant outdoor and about 400 – 600 g / m² indoors.

As mentioned above, we have prepared the most unbiased review of Herbies Seeds through our real experience. We have divided this review into several separate sections for your ease of understanding.

Choosing Herbies Seeds to buy seeds is a wise choice for not only growers in Spain but also other international residents. They have a large seed collection with hundreds of different cannabis seeds. Moreover, the seed quality is very good.