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Tangerine Dream Autoflower

Seed Selection at GYO Seedbank seems to be quite vast, though it would be pretty easy to list a ton of different strains and only deliver a few, if the reviews about seed swapping are correct.

To round out this comprehensive review of GYO Seeds, it has to be said that it’s not a very good choice for anyone wanting to buy some cannabis seeds online and actually have confidence that they’re getting what they paid for.

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THC Bomb Feminized

The shopping experience on the GYO Seedbank is awful if you’re not in the “right” country. For example, US buyers will be shown the GYO Seedbank page even though GYO apparently doesn’t ship to the US itself. As a result, none of the links go where they should, and more often than not a visitor will end up redirected to the homepage of this random other seed bank, Home Grown Cannabis Co. It’s very annoying for the average website visitor.

Like any seed bank, product quality at GYO Seeds will vary based on the individual seed strain and breeder you’re actually buying from. The original breeder is who determines the upper bound of product quality, but there’s plenty that an irresponsible seed bank can do (or not do) to make things worse.

The paid membership they offer also seems a bit fishy. Paying for discounts seems a bit counterintuitive, and it’s doubtful that the average customer would be able to make the membership worth their while.

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