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growing autoflowers inside

First of all, you decide where to start your autoflower grow. Of course you can do this in a grow tent, grow box, a specially reserved room, but maybe you prefer to keep it simple and grow your autoflower in a sunny spot in front of the window. In any case, make sure there is enough light available.

Yes, you can very well grow an autoflower indoors without lights. These plants love to stand on the windowsill in front of the window or in the conservatory. In any case, choose a sunny spot. A window sill or conservatory facing south is preferable. This way you ensure the plant of maximum sunlight.

Step 2: buy autoflowering seeds

Every plant grows naturally outdoors. This also applies to the autoflower (also called cannabis Ruderalis). The autoflower strain originates from wet, cold regions. Logically, the plant thrives well in the Northern Hemisphere. However, this isn’t the only advantage. Wondering why you should grow your autoflower outdoors? Take a look at the advantages below.

For successful breeding you first choose a suitable place. Preferably in your own garden or on the balcony. In any case, make sure you have a place with sufficient sunlight.

When it comes to the lights there is plenty of choice. Basically it’s hard to make a wrong decision as each choice is a good one. LED, CFL, HPS or MH lamps, the choice is yours!
Growing with LED lighting is gaining popularity lately as LED lamps are more economical, emit less heat and can be placed closer to the plant which saves space.

Of course, your plants will need water. A general rule of thumb is to water whenever the soil is dry from the top to two centimeters or an inch down. Depending on your setup you might water once every two days during vegging, but once in-flower Fast Buds’ plants will drink and drink. For example, a mid-flower Stardawg in an 11-liter pot can take two liters of water a day without leaking anything through drainage. It drinks it all.

You’ve got space, you’ve got light, but what are you going to plant your seeds in? There are seemingly endless choices for growing mediums, ranging from hydroponics and aeroponics to dollar store gardening soil. We’ll tackle hydro and other high tech mediums in another article, for now, we want to keep things easy for new growers. After removing the high-maintenance, high-tech options, we’re left with three choices: soil, soilless, or a combination of the two.

Metal Halide lights are usually used during the vegetative phase of growth, but can also be used during flowering. Their bluish light is perfect for vegging plants, and while this will get the job done, many dedicated growers switch to another lighting solution once buds start to form.


These large bulbs produce massive amounts of light at the perfect spectrum for growing cannabis, and they’re more efficient than fluorescents in terms of weight of bud per watt of power used. That doesn’t mean growers will see lower electricity bills using HIDs. Producers using smaller spaces can generate more than enough light using T5s or CFLs at lower wattages than even the most miniature HID bulbs.

You’ve probably seen Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs in your own home. They’re easy to find anywhere light bulbs are stored. They’re cheap, small, and easy to find, making them perfect for private-minded growers with limited space to grow. Unlike other fluorescent bulbs, you’ll want to keep CFLs close to your plants to make sure light reaches lower leaves and bud sites.

You’ll need at least a little bit of fertilizer to get the most out of Fast Buds seeds. Some strains, like our Blue Dream’Matic, require just a bit and are easy to overfeed, while other strains like our Green Crack will take all the nutes you can give it.

Soil is what millions of years of evolution trained cannabis seeds to grow in, and there’s nothing wrong with germinating, planting, and trusting the plant’s genetic to take care of the rest. The only caveat we have to add is that you find high-quality soil, either on the internet or your local hardware store. Cheaper, low-end soil is meant to grow small flowers, not giant cannabis bushes. In our experiments with bargain brands, we’ve found that plants grow quite well through the vegetative stage, but the once flowering starts our plants quickly exhaust the available nutrients and begin showing signs of malnutrition. This problem can be corrected with the addition of outside nutrients, but it’s just easier to buy high-quality soil in the first place.

60–65 days from planting your seeds. Since many autoflowers won’t get taller than 50–70cm, they are ideal for growing indoors, where space is often limited.

The best solution is to make your own soil mix at home.


Autoflowers are a class of cannabis that has only thrived on the commercial market in the last few years. Today, they are taking the market by storm with their ease of growth and great results. With these tips for growing autoflowers indoors, you can make the most of your autoflowering grow-op!

More than anything else, genetics will play the biggest role in determining the final outcome of your grow operation. But what makes the right strain? Well, let’s start with your personal preferences, for example, what type of effect you want from your cannabis. If you’re smoking to get blazed with the best and the latest, you can’t go wrong with THC monsters like the super dank and potent Royal Cookies Automatic or Royal Gorilla Automatic, our automatic variants of two popular strains!

When starting your seeds, and for young plants, you can also use standard fluorescent lamps such as T5 lights. These use very little energy and don’t get warm, so there is no risk of burning your sensitive seedlings.