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green crack seeds australia

Green Crack really hits you with lots of energy. Its THC content of 20% and low CBD make it an ideal medication for patients who are treating fatigue, stress and depression. Recommended for use during the day. It helps when used as a treatment for patients with chronic fatigue and high levels of stress and depression. It is also indicated for severe cases of Crohn’s disease since it reduces nausea and stimulates appetite. Perhaps it’s the strain’s aromas and terpenes that induce a feeling of wellbeing and enhance vigor and energy. There’s no doubt that few strains can match the concentrated energy that’s produced by this hybrid. It works on a cerebral level as an elixir for your neurons, inducing an invigorating effect.

We are very proud of this variety that is now to be introduced in the European market, and already enjoys a strong following in the US market, especially in California.

We are very proud of this variety that is now to be introduced in the European market, and already enjoys a strong following in the US market, especially in California.

Green Crack is like a turbocharged mango-flavored energy drink. It’s a variety of marijuana that will offer you a fruity rush of pure cannabis-generated adrenaline. It’s a safe bet that doesn’t compromise on quality. It has a reputation as being simply spectacular, given its stellar combination of highly desirable qualities that are much sought after with different marijuana varieties: great overall performance, easy growth, energetic buzz, and exquisite fruity flavor.


The flavors that develop are ideal for lovers of fruitiness. Tart citrus predominates, while earthiness with an exotic touch is evident in the aftertaste. with its powerful fruity spiciness and sweet scent of mango, this variety is perfect and enjoyable when used for medicinal use throughout the day.


If you let Green Crack have its way, you’ll be amazed as it climbs above 178cm. If you think 178cm is the limit — think again. Cultivators worldwide find Green Crack’s growth genuinely impressive as it passes the 300cm mark — and beyond.

Bunz was Snoop Dogg’s cannabis dealer. When Snoop first indulged in Green Cush weed, he immediately called it Green Crack due to its ultra motivating effects.

If you grow Green Crack seeds indoors, you must implement a technique that reduces the overall size and vigor of Green Crack.

Strain Description and Properties

If you decide to grow Green Crack seeds outdoors — get ready for some seriously tall cannabis trees. The Green Crack strain will outgrow any other strain in the garden, so make sure you give Green Crack enough space to branch out.

Although there is an abundance of uncertainty surrounding the Green Cush strain, everyone that tried it was amazed by the shocking level of potency.

From this point on, Green Crack is the go-to strain for anyone that wants to get their pulse pumping. Whether you’re about to send it on the downhill track or hitting the dancefloor — Green Crack is the ultimate sativa-dominant hybrid in town.

Green Crack is a quintessential sativa strain that you’ll never forget. When you need to dust yourself off of any couch-potato tendencies — Green Crack will have you shuffling in no time.

Green Crack Strain is a mango/papaya smelling beauty it’s a ’89 SSSC Skunk#1 crossed with a mysterious Californian Indica. This strain is very easy to grow and barely need any attention from its grower, if vegged bit longer, will surprise with a decent yield around 450-500g per square meter indoors. She likes to be trimmed from the bottom “lollipopped” and pruned/topped to get the best yield off her. Green Crack also have a tendency to turn purple in colder temperatures making it really nice treat for Your eye, effects are very uplifting and energetic but don’t be fooled this is a strong weed!