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gods gift marijuana seeds

When they made God’s Gift cannabis, they broke the mold – a heavy-hitting indica hybrid with an intoxicating flavor and even more delicious effects, it’s an easy-growing marijuana strain that suits every consumer, both recreational and medicinal.

A puff of God’s Gift marijuana and you’ll understand why the blasphemous title rings so true – it’s a heavy-hitting indica that has become popular among the recreational set for its irresistible aroma and even more intoxicating effects.


Revel in the sweetness of grape and fruit as the distinct and pleasing aroma of God’s Gift wafts around you. Its flavor comes across stronger with the taste of berries mixed with wood and earth, for a mouthwatering combination that lingers.

God’s Gift cannabis plants have been known to top out around 27% THC, earning it a place among the strongest marijuana strain’s on the market. Thus, one can expect the high to be strong and enveloping, and one is not disappointed. A sense of peace will wash over you as you settle into your space on the couch, where you’ll discover your mood uplifted and your body relaxed and ready for rest. For patients struggling with chronic pain conditions or insomnia and depression, God’s Gift cannabis has become a godsend as it can help consumers achieve a state of peace and relaxation like no other natural remedy.

Although novice consumers may want to wait on planting God’s Gift cannabis seeds in their garden, you’ll be happy to note that the strain is particularly easy to grow and exceptionally beautiful – these sturdy plants produce unique purple flowers that are packed tight and covered in sticky trichomes. Bear in mind, God’s Gift needs lots of vitamins and nutrients in order to flourish, so pay close attention to its feeding schedule and you will be rewarded for your efforts. After 8-9 weeks of flowering, you’ll be ready to harvest around 10 ounces/sm of a true cannabis marvel.

Indoors, God’s Gift thrives in a hydroponics setting. Flowering starts at the end of 8-9 weeks by which time you get 10 ounces of buds in every sq. meter.

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Free shipping
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Recreational Use

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Outdoors, God’s Gift flourishes in a clime having warm and dry weather conditions, quite similar to Southern California. The buds are set to be harvested by mid-October and the output is about 10 ounces per plant.

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Delivery Time: 10-12 days

The hunger-inducing properties from the indica properties also make the strain effective for improving one’s appetite. Improvement of one’s appetite explains why the demand for God’s Gift seeds for sale is exceedingly high.

The head rush from the sativa properties in God’s Gift marijuana is enough to keep you giggling, albeit for a short period. At this point, you might enjoy an adrenaline rush that leaves you high and happy.

When you complete a session of God’s Gift, a head rush lasting less than ten minutes kicks in. At this point, you might find yourself giggling and getting all excited while entertaining people.

Taste and Aroma of God’s Gift

The exposure of the genotypes in God’s Gift seeds to the environment activates the strain’s unique phenotypes. God’s Gift marijuana is one of the most stunning strains you will ever come across. The following is a list of features that make the strain a force to reckon:

The weed has also proven to be effective in managing various mental and mood disorders. The indica and sativa properties in this cannabis effectively manage anxiety disorders, chronic disorders, PTSD, insomnia, and depression.

Once the head-high effects start to wear out, hunger pangs kick in immediately. You might find yourself rushing to grab a bite, especially if you take more weed than what your body can accommodate.

The effects of God’s Gift are spread between indica and sativa, which explains the varying experiences among users. The rollercoaster of effects also explains the reason behind the wild demand for God’s Gift seeds for sale.