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free marijuana seeds california

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Last year, the company gave away 2.3 million cannabis seeds, he claims. This year, with Trudeau’s government taking its time figuring out how to legalize while renegade marijuana dispensaries in Toronto are getting raided, Larsen’s campaign for marijuana planting is meant to remind us all how we got here—civil disobedience.

Stores sold bongs and books about cannabis until police stopped bothering to bust them (even though those laws are still on the books). Citizen activists smoked marijuana in public, then gave it away and now there are hundreds of dispensaries across the country (which are still technically illegal, but the police are taking a half-hearted stand against them at best).

The seeds are for a strain called “Freedom Dream.” Biologically, it’s bona fide cannabis sativa—though most of us would call it “hemp.” The strain is supposed to have a “very low level” of THC and 10 percent CBD, Overgrow Canada claimed in a widely-circulated email.

As Overgrow Canada’s Jennifer Cole put it , “ the real goal… is to get cannabis plants in public places.”

Canada has been dragged this far only by citizens openly defying the laws.

We received this delicious blue clone from California from a medical marijuana club. The clone is a cruising of a California Sour (90% sativa; mexican sativa x chemo) and an OG Kush. It is one of the favorite medicinal strains in California.

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Blue Medi Kush cannabis seeds

We used an AK as a mother and crossed her with one NL Special (90% Indica) father who has a ridiculous THC percentage. Read more about AK47 seeds.

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The Silver Haze was made in the United States in the 1970s. It is a cross between Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican. The Haze generally has a longer flowering period than other cannabis, for this Silver Haze it’s still only 8-9 weeks.