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does smoking marijuana seeds lower your sperm count

Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Furthermore, the effects of marijuana on fertility seem to accumulate over time. This means that although teenage girls who smoke marijuana are more likely to get pregnant, by the time a chronic marijuana smoking woman is in her mid-twenties, she may be more likely to experience a delay in getting pregnant.

Female Fertility

Obviously, if you are both smoking marijuana, you risk increasing the chances of infertility as a couple.

Quitting marijuana can be harder than many long-term marijuana users expect, so you and your partner would be wise to quit as soon as possible, while you still have time to get help before getting pregnant. If either or both parents still use marijuana when the baby arrives, you are increasing the risk that your child may use drugs in the future, and parental drug use is implicated in many difficulties for children and families.

Research suggests that marijuana can negatively affect female fertility in the following ways:

Using weed is thought to reduce sperm count, for instance. One study involving 1,215 men found that 130 individuals who smoked marijuana more than once a week in the past three months saw a cut in production of the total sperm count of 29 percent. But the cells were still able to swim and were the same size and shape in this study.

Smoking weed could affect fertility in both men and women, scientists have warned.

“For most couples, smoking marijuana does not affect their ability to conceive,” the authors said. But the drug could pose problems for some with existing issues. They cited a U.S. survey that didn’t find a link between struggling to conceive and smoking weed for less than once a month to every day.

As U.S. states, including Alaska and Colorado, and countries, including Canada, legalize marijuana, scientists are working to understand the threat this could pose to users’ health.

Another piece of research from May suggested teenagers who use cannabis could be at risk of developing memory problems, while another found that teenagers who use cannabis could be at a higher risk of attempting suicide and experiencing depression.

The male and female reproductive system is the x and y for new living organisms’ production. That is what constitutes life’s characteristics. The ability to reproduce is a fundamental need in the living world. Producing female and male sex cells generate the function of the reproductive system with the assurance of maturation and growth of the offspring. The regulation of hormones is what comprises the activities of the reproductive organs.

Back in the 18th century, two classifications of cannabis strains were introduced; cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica. Sativa was the idea of a Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus conducted research about the roots of Sativa plants which is in Western Eurasia and Europe believed to be bred for its richness in seeds and fiber. The term Indica, on the other hand, was named by a French biologist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Lamarck conducted research about the roots of indica plants which is in India believed to be bred because of its hashish production, fiber, and seeds.


Does marijuana intake affect fertility? Yes, it does. According to an experiment that was performed by the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ director of andrology, Dr. Lani J. Burkman, Ph.D., smoking marijuana affects the fertility of men rather than women. During the deed, the sperm cells were more affected than the brain. The sperm cells get burnt out. non-marijuana smokers during intercourse, the hyperactivity of the sperm cells are normal swimming up until they reach the fertilization of the egg cell. In comparison to marijuana smokers, hyperactivity burns out the sperm cells failing to fertilize the egg since it runs out of hyperactivation. Marijuana smokers’ semen count alleviates. The lower the semen levels, the lower the possibility of fertilization.

* BODY WEIGHT – too much or too low body fat can affect one’s fertility in line to the person acquiring hormonal imbalance.

What they highly suggest is that if you and your partner want to get pregnant, alleviating vices including smoking marijuana. Your body will take time to adjust to withdrawing the contents of marijuana and will eventually increase the possibility of fertilization. Prevention is way better than withdrawal. Chronic use of marijuana has its advantages, yes, but keep in mind the disadvantages it is accustomed to too. If marijuana smokers are well-informed about how it affects their reproductive system, the rate of fertility will alleviate. But apparently, people are just aware of the fact that it promotes physical and mental relaxation, treatment to stress-related syndromes, a cure for diseases which are beyond the capability of the field of medicine, and alleviates side-effects as caused by acquired conditions. Some types of marijuana seeds even boost sexual drive improving their