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dank marijuana seeds

Vortex-is juicily sativa dominant with uplifting and pain relieving therapeutic effects. It deservedly won High Times best medical sativa in 2010 and has been world class for ten years having been in High Times top ten strains in 2007. This Apollo-13 x Space Queen, 80%sativa/20%indica hybrid might not have huge yields and may not be super stable but its effects make it a must for any connoisseurs collection. The lineage of this strain is unquestioned with illustrious grandparents like Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights.

There are a number of names names in The Dank Seeds range that have become synonymous with great ganja for the medical and recreational enthusiast. Putting their rep where their philosophy is has seen The Dank Seeds receive a number of awards from an ardent cannabis community.

Crunching the grow data from an open source breeding program that enlisted the experience of thousands of growers worldwide led to the selection of the best genetics available.

Jack the Ripper

The Dank Seeds are presented in a graphic covered foldout cardboard matchbook style package with seed ID on the back. A stoppered glass vial cleverly concealed in the fold holds your seeds. If you don’t use all your seeds the vial is super efficient for longterm storage, but be sure to remember where you store it because it is very tiny. Don’t lose the stopper!

Years of breeding experience are evident in the prolific range of cannabis species available by The Dank Seeds. Consistent quality and strengths across distinctively varied cannabis species shows a replete understanding of the art of growing top shelf contemporary marijuana.

The name of this strain could be a warning and promise alike. 9 Pound Hammer is an Indica dominant plant with an extreme resin production, very short flowering period and highly potent buds. The pleasant taste and aroma make it a delicate natural painkiller and soporific. This smoke will hit you like a hammer! Great candidate for BHO production.

In 2001 thirty seven distinct hybrids of high end superb recreational and therapeutic cannabis were released. Globally tested by discerning medical users the reputation of these strains are guaranteed by effect not slick advertising.

The genetics of each signaure marijuana strain are offered in quantities of six or twelve premium feminized seeds. Each set of seeds is delivered in a metal canister that houses foam, measuring 3/4″ in thickness. The foam protection features divots in which each seed travels. A private compartment for a first-class journey and superlative safety.

Each strain developed by Dank Seeds USA has one of three classifications:


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Whether the grower is an experienced cultivar or someone who would simply like to grow marijuana for personal recreational or medicinal use, dank aims to offer marijuana grow solutions that suit the demands of today’s market – encompassing the individual & commercial levels alike.

Welcome to Dank Seeds USA. We are an American biogenetics company specializing in the development of groundbreaking hybrid cannabis strains. Here, you will only find marijuana genetics crafted by the dank brand in our state-of-the-art grow facility, located in the United States of America. Click below for our offering of superior seeds that create elevated experiences.

Developed with medicinal consumers in mind, pungent and potent Dank Schrader marijuana is easy to grow and offers a hefty yield.

A sturdy structure and sky-high THC content (up to 25%) are just two of the characteristics that make up Dank Schrader marijuana, a strain that was developed with therapeutic applications in mind.


Designed to be both relaxing and uplifting, Dank Schrader marijuana is an ideal evening strain for patients suffering from stress, depression, and other chronic conditions. Its effects settle in slowly, but steadily, for a buzzing elation that is full of happy thoughts. Dank Schrader marijuana is sweet and pungent, with a sour note – it’s a hard one to mask, both in the garden and when burning. The flavor is slightly more appealing, with hints of the tropics.

Dank Schrader marijuana seeds can successfully be grown both indoors and out, but gardeners eager to benefit from the strains high yielding harvest will want to be sure they install a comprehensive ventilation system or keep their stocky plants downwind to avoid unnecessary attention. Ready after about nine weeks of flowering, Dank Schrader yields between 16 to 18 ounces of sticky, potent pot for the therapeutic gardener.