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An introduction to greenhouse and hydroponic systems and plants as well as the cropping practices that take place in these systems are the main topics of CropKing’s workshop. Several types of soilless culture are covered with the primary focus on the Perlite and Rockwool systems for vine crops and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) for leaf crops. The crops discussed include lettuce, herbs, cucumber, and tomato with tomatoes and lettuce used as the model crops for vine and leafy crop production.

The Workshop consists of two days, lunch included, that integrate classroom instruction and demonstrations as well as time spent in a hydroponic greenhouse. The small group size in each Workshop allows ample time for questions and personal attention from the instructors, especially in the time spent in the greenhouse.

What Information is Covered in the Grower Workshop?

CropKing is a supplier of quality hydroponic growing supplies and equipment. But more than just supplying the best equipment for growing, it is important to educate both new growers and potential growers about the industry that they are venturing into. A good understanding of what is involved in the growing process, as well as the options that are available gives a potential customer the ability to make smart decisions.

Each student receives a workbook. The workbook includes a full slide set of all material covered at the workshop as well as additional information. Included are sections on greenhouse structures and environmental control systems, plant biology and anatomy, basic hydroponic systems as well as information of source water quality and nutrient solution formulation. This workbook is designed to be useful at the workshop as well as a reference guide for future use.

Our grower-site workshops are scheduled frequently and held in close proximity to existing grower operations throughout the USA.

CropKing’s greenhouse garden supply store offers a controlled environment greenhouse package specifically designed for producing hydroponic vegetable crops. A significant advance over conventional glass hothouses of the past, CropKing greenhouses utilize energy-efficient double covers constructed with the latest polymer technology to keep fuel costs to a minimum. The design of a CropKing greenhouse allows it to stand up to high winds and heavy snow anywhere in the U.S., and still maintain ideal growing conditions inside.

Ever wonder about starting a rewarding career in commercial hydroponics? Rapidly becoming the new standard in growing environments, greenhouses can provide a year-round optimum growing environment regardless of the weather outside. Think what that could mean for you as a grower. While others wait for the growing season to begin, you could already be growing amazing tomatoes and selling them at a premium price because of the demand! And tomatoes are just a start. Lettuce is also a very popular product, along with other herbs and vegetables.

Everything You Need

Where other companies offer pre-blended, “one mix fits all” nutrient formulas, CropKing will develop the proper nutrient program and offer the right hydroponic greenhouse supplies based on your water source. You can work with our technical staff to conduct periodic subsequent analysis to keep your nutrients optimized for your target crops.

A complete greenhouse package includes heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, as well as dehumidification, optional floor heating, computerized environmental controller and automated nutrient injection system. We have done the work for you in sourcing and configuring our greenhouse packages from reputable and dependable greenhouse garden supply distributers, so you won’t end up with equipment that doesn’t work well together.

CropKing’s gutter connect greenhouse construction allows for easy expandability, preserving your initial investment. Start with a base unit and add more units as needed. If you are planning to expand within a few years, we can even upsize some of the equipment to save money for future expansions. Contact our greenhouse garden supply experts to get more information and to order hydroponic greenhouse supplies.

CropKing has specialized in the business of controlled environment agriculture and hydroponic growing since 1982. We are a manufacturer and distributor of commercial greenhouse structures, hydroponic growing equipment, and supplies. CropKing recommends two basic types of hydroponic growing systems for the commercial grower; the Bato Bucket System for vine type, fruiting crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers and the NFT Gutter System for smaller leaf type crops such as herbs and lettuces. CropKing manufactures controlled environment greenhouse structures that are designed for efficiency with hydroponic growing systems. The ideal greenhouse structures for growing pesticide free crops are “closed” units so that all of the outdoor air is filtered before entering the greenhouse. Our insect exclusion room and double entry help to keep 99% of the pests from ever entering your greenhouse without impeding air flow.

CropKing emphasizes service, quality, and competitive pricing, and we are the only full service hydroponic company in the U.S. that offers a full range of services from Two Day Grower Workshops, Grower’s Manuals, Training DVDs, and technical assistance. We know the importance of not only supplying high-quality hydroponic products, but also offering the superior technical support necessary to help our growers succeed.

CropKing wants to be your Agribusiness partner. Whether you’re looking to learn about hydroponics or need hydroponic supplies, we are here to assist. If you don’t find the answers to your questions on our website, please call us at 330-302-4203 and we will be more than happy to assist you.