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crop king reviews

If you check out the marijuana seeds page, you will be able to sort out all the strains they have by filters like alphabetical order, THC and CBD levels, Average Yield times, and Growth times . You can download the catalog of marijuana strains by Crop King by going here. We also love how they have laid out the information of every individual marijuana strain and the photos of its package and the strain itself.

Make sure you always buy authentic marijuana seeds from Crop King directly, so you can always be stress-free and grow those sweet marijuana strains without worry. Additionally, if you feel the need to ask them a question, check out their FAQ page first. Chances are, you will find your answer there.

Variety of Strains at Crop King Seeds

Moreover, they are exclusively available for everyone only on Crop King Seeds, which is awesome for all the worldwide buyers. The packaging that they use to transit the marijuana seeds to your house is discreet. They will send you the seed in a unique parcel that is sealed to keep the marijuana seeds safe and fresh. The parcel is very discreet, and there are no marijuana-related signs on the outside at all.

If we are honest here, we would like to say that the prices of the seeds on Crop king Seeds are just a little bit higher than the average of seedbanks. Let us explain why it’s worth buying marijuana seeds from them. Their experts handpick every single seed that is sold on the Crop King website/store. All the seeds are individually tested for quality and inspected when sending out orders. What this all means is that you will always receive the highest quality cannabis seeds in your order. The quality they provide is nearly unparalleled in the marijuana business .

However, if you want a tracked and signed delivery, then you would have to pay between $30 to $60, depending upon the country. The regular time for express deliveries is from 5 to 7 days . If you choose the express shipping option, then you get a delivery guarantee. It means if your parcel is intercepted or seized (only 5% of the orders of Crop King are captured), then they will send you new order for free.

Overall, Crop King Seeds is a brand you can trust especially if you plan to plant cannabis or marijuana but don’t know if the methods to do it perfectly. If you’re looking in need, trust in Crop King Weed.

What we like about the website are the layout and design. They have a table of contents that makes it easy for good customers, Canadian customers, and other customers to know more about the business.


When it comes to shipping, they also offer free shipping services when your orders reach a certain amount. This promoted bulk orders which also help you save money thanks in the long run. The company also offers stealth shipping services as well which makes it very convenient if you don’t want anyone else that you’re buying weed seeds.

One of the most attractive traits that any brand has would be the quality of their products and Crop King Seeds understands this. Their seed banks are filled to the brim with the highest quality cannabis seed, marijuana seed, and other new strains that will make it convenient for their customers.

On the other hand Crop Kings also have a seed selection that gives a large yield. These feminized seeds provide a large yield for people who know proper growing methods and techniques.

New marijuana growers start their journey by finding the best quality seeds. Although some rely on other growers to supply their seeds, most growers look for seed banks online. While it is convenient to look for seeds online, it will be hard to ascertain the quality of the products. Crop King Seeds in Canada is one of the most successful and trusted seed banks around Canada and even in the USA. The seed bank marks out a range of breeders as being among the finest seed stockists. The company also has one of the best websites that are easy to navigate, making it even more popular.

Crop King Seeds moved to start in the early section of 2013 and set down branches, having their first physical store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are now exporting seeds from their Vancouver headquarters and distributing them to more than 100 local retailers with physical stores. The sky’s the limit for how far Crop King Seeds will expand, with recreational marijuana already legalized all over Canada.

Brief History of Crop King Seeds

The Purple Kush is a well-known cannabis strain that is loved for its flavors and effects. It is perfect for calming insomnia, tension, and anxiety. It also helps alleviate different sorts of body pains. It gives you a warm rush that might be too much for the novices. Experienced users will undoubtedly love its clear and enduring impact.

Dark Angel has both Sativa and Indica genetics. It is a fast flowering strain that is great for both skilled and novice growers. This strain is known for the remarkable relaxation and creativity it gives to its users, not to mention its pain-relieving properties. It often develops green leaves, generates flowers rich in trichomes, and reaches a THC content of 20%.

Don’t worry, for those of you outside of Canada! Crop King Seeds ships internationally so that you can purchase their seeds anywhere. With details on each strain, good search and filter functionality, plus guidance about how to begin developing your seeds, the website is detailed and very well-organized. If you need further immediate support, the platform has an online chat function that automatically puts you in touch with a professional sales assistant. They will help you choose the ideal strain, straight from the comforts of your home.