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crop king 88 near me

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Bedrock caters for all sizes

Package Dimensions: 25 Kg Bag

Crop King 88 Fertilizer is a great all round lawn fertilizer. Application will result in a returned green growth of your lawn. This premium organic lawn fertilizer will cover large areas and show dramatic results determining a great all round fertilizer.

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It is organic material full of humic, fulvic and amino acids that will do the most effective job of breaking the clay up. gypsum, well add it but it will not do it’s thing for years to come. It does play a part in a good soil structure in clay soils.

Ever heard of seasol? Well powerfeed is made by them. I think it was Don Burke who said to them they should create something that complements seasol and has some nutrients in it. So the came up with powerfeed. It is a liquid that is applied with a pack that clicks onto the hose or in a watering from a concentrate you buy. Seasol is also a vital addition and the two go together like meat and veg on a dinner plate seasol stimulates root growth like nothing else and it doesn’t use fertiliser to do it, showing that fertilisers really are not the answer to a healthy garden.

I am on clay soil and before I layed the turf about 4 months ago I used about 150mm of soil on top. The grass was growing ok.

I am on clay soil and before I layed the turf about 4 months ago I used about 150mm of soil on top. The grass was growing ok.

No i didnt dig it through

The use of controlled release fertilisers if you must use one is the go and is an industry best practice. scotts lawn builder is the most common one available.

I was a bit naive to the whole gardening bit.