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colombian marijuana seeds

Second, Colombian Gold strain seeds possess anti-depressant properties that you can tap from the flowers during a session.

Another effect that is prevalent in Colombian Gold cannabis is cottonmouth. Cottonmouth is a situation in which the mouth feels dry, sticky, and itchy. The condition occurs due to inadequate production of saliva. Taking enough fluids is a sure way to reduce the severity of cottonmouth after a Colombian Gold session.

Colombian Gold strain seeds germinate into plants that yield buds with a rare combination of aroma and flavor, making it grower’s favorite. The primary flavors for this cannabis gem are woody, skunky, and lemon. When you inhale the smoke, a strong feeling fills your throat, making you feel uncomfortable. After some time, you can notice a sweet flavor with notes of citrus. The aftertaste of Colombian Gold is a combination of skunk and woodsy.

Taste and Aroma of Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold weed seeds carry several medical benefits, making them ideal for patients battling various health issues. First, the relaxing effects of this cannabis make it ideal for managing ADHD, which is characterized by hyperactivity and attention loss.

Colombian Gold seeds can germinate in a subtropical climate. Regulating the growing conditions increases the quality and quantity of the strain’s yield. When Colombian Gold seeds are grown indoors, they yield between 1.1 – 1.3 oz/ft 2 (350 – 400 g/m 2 ). Growing the same strain outdoors yields between 16 – 21 oz (450 – 600 gr) per plant. When you grow Colombian Gold Seeds and maintain the growing conditions, the plants’ overall yield increases significantly.

Regulating growing conditions such as humidity levels, light, and soil nutrients allows the trichomes to attain the optimal THC levels.

On the other hand, the aroma from this marijuana strain is made of a sweet note of lemon and lime. Once you break the flower bud, you can notice a mixture of lemon and lime. After combustion, an earthy aroma fills the air.

Now, you can find Colombian Gold pot seeds with relative ease.

Colombian Gold is medium to difficult to grow.

Flowering Time:

Medical marijuana patients claim that Colombian Gold’s uplifting and energetic nature helps with many medical issues. Here’s a list of mental and physical problems that Colombian Gold weed can assist:

Before you decide to grow Colombian Gold seeds, you must consider two important aspects.

First, if you grow Colombian Gold seeds, you must have a high ceiling. Next, you must grow Colombian Gold seeds in an environment that doesn’t turn into a winter wonderland by November.

With Colombian Gold marijuana growing in your garden you’ll feel like you’ve struck the mother load. An impressive plant in both features and effects, this once elusive marijuana seed strain proves an excellent addition to any growers weed repertoire.

Colombian Gold marijuana is a blissfully sativa dominant strain strain that is energizing and packed with THC. You’ll notice its effects almost immediately as they swoop in to deliver an intense and electric buzz, and along with it the energy to get things done. For this reason, it’s also considered a stand-out medicinal strain, with natural levels of CBD that aid in reversing negative moods and conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress with its uplifting capabilities.


Strike big with Colombian Gold marijuana, a deliciously pungent and potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain that energizes the mind for a productive day.

A distinct and unique characteristics of Colombian Gold marijuana – breeders capitalized on the plants physical traits and by removing a black strip from the main stem of mature plants, restricting the flow of water and nutrients, to force the flowers to start turning yellow, bringing out the burst of fiery orange trichomes that make Colombian Gold marijuana stand out.

To put a finger on it, Colombian Gold marijuana reeks of skunk, with notes of lime and lemon and earth to round it out. It can be rough on the throat, but the sweetness makes it all worth the wait, since it takes Colombian Gold marijuana seeds about 10 – 12 weeks of flowering for the sticky buds to be ready for harvest. Colombian Gold is also produces an excellent yield, with no less than 14 ounces per square foot (indoors) or 18 ounces per plant (outdoors) of stinky, pungent weed.