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cheap marijuana seeds uk

How do we manage it? Simple.

– We don’t have resellers. The price we set on the seeds is the price you pay.
– We don’t have offline stores. This keeps our running costs to a minimum and our staff to a small group of dedicated and experienced people.
– We don’t have fancy packaging. It’s designed to effectively protect your seeds, because we don’t think you’re looking for a fashion accessory.

At WeedSeedShop we believe that good, cheap cannabis seeds should be as widely available as possible. Starting with this simple principle, we have gathered together a fantastic range of marijuana seed strains. These weed seeds are low price and top quality – strains that we ourselves would buy; strains we know will yield beautiful harvests. Discover our selection below:

These basic choices enable us to sell cheap cannabis seeds in the UK and elsewhere throughout Europe, offering the lowest possible prices, yet still provide free shipping on every order, and a highly professional level of customer service!

High THC seeds – marijuana seeds explicitly bred for their significant THC content, like Sour Diesel, BC Jack Herer, Raspberry Cough and more.

On our site, you’ll find:

High CBD cannabis seeds for sale – great plants for various medical ailments without the psychoactive THC compound. Our favourites include Cannatonic, Supreme CBD Durban, Critical Mass and Kongs Kush.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale– plants that automatically switch from vegetative to the flowering stage without the need for any intervention. Check out Black Samba Super Auto, Deep Purple Haze, M16 Super and Jet 47.

We run regular promotions, so keep your eyes on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for giveaways, discounts and the chance to win regular cannabis seeds and merchandise.

Are you looking to buy cheap cannabis seeds in the UK? Look no further than Seedsman! Our incredible range of cannabis seeds is one of the largest in the UK, with thousands of different strains available.

Seedsman provides UK wide shipping with stealth delivery methodology, excellent customer service and secure payment methods. When you buy UK cannabis seeds on our site, we’ll also throw in some freebies with every order.

When we say cheap cannabis seeds we really mean quality cannabis seeds with the lowest price. We´ve selected the top 20 of the cheapest regular and feminized strains currently available on our website from our most popular breeders including prime USA genetics. These marijuana strains are considered the best value for money not only because their the lowest price but, as they are produced by top manufacturers there´s no compromise on quality. We just consider them bargain seeds and well worth the money and because we offer free shipping on all our cannabis seeds throughout UK, Europe and ship worldwide including US and Canada ensures you can get your hands on the best weed seeds for sale for the cheapest price.