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buy marijuana seeds with paypal

However, there is a risk to the seed company like us as PayPal may flag our account or shut it down completely. PayPal may also suspend the customers account when PayPal notices that cannabis seeds were purchased. This only happens though if the customer does not follow the instructions set by the seed company.

Many people love using PayPal when shopping online because of its convenience. With a single username and password, it gives you an ability to pay through an account that is linked to your bank account or credit card. Another good thing when paying through PayPal is the item or purchase will not appear in the bank statement. Possession of cannabis seeds can be legal in most places but people would still opt to keep their privacy through the whole process of acquiring them.

There is no risk for you as a buyer as the transaction will be discreet. No mentions of the name of the company or what you are buying online.

Facts On How To Buy Marijuana Seeds With Paypal

Today there are only a few seed banks worldwide that accept PayPal. There are speculations that some online seed banks are not accredited because these may not be trusted by the payment system. Always double-check the website if they accept PayPal before wasting your time choosing the perfect strain to purchase. Then if not, I am sure there are other ways to purchase your seed in a secure and safe manner.

The reason why some seed banks do not have Paypal is that they charge high commission rates. Many of the seed banks that offer online selling are not very big companies. A third party vendor will eat up part of the profit, which is not reasonable. PayPal has a policy that every user must agree to before signing up.

If you are looking for cannabis seed banks that take PayPal, then you have come to the right place as we take this payment method when you order marijuana seeds from our seed company.

Call us, use our live chat, or email us if you want to buy marijuana seeds and pay with PayPal.

Finally, PayPal has the Buyer Protection highlight that will assist you with shopping comfortably online. Purchaser Protection covers you in case there is an issue with your order. If your order does not show up or is not as described, PayPal will enable its members to get a discount.

With Paypal, you can also make electronic purchases without showing on your bank or credit card statement. There are various thoughts you might need to cover for your cannabis seed order and legal consequences.

Discount Policy

Many other smaller shops still accept Paypal, although they try to be discreet about handling the payments to avoid having their accounts flagged by Paypal. Buying cannabis seeds with Paypal is a risky business for both the seed banks and buyers. You and the vendor might get the suspension notice if they catch any marijuana-related transactions.

If you are working with Paypal, you can quickly transfer money from your bank account and then spend on your cannabis seed using the balance that your PayPal account just got from your bank account. This way, your bank statement will show that you transferred a certain add up to PayPal, but it won’t say what you bought.

If you are still unclear whether any cannabis seed bank receives Paypal payments, talk to the Paypal’s representative or a cannabis vendor’s support team. If a vendor doesn’t support Paypal, they must have other alternatives to help you find the right mode of payment. Another secure online payment processor for buying cannabis seeds is Skrill , which is similar to Paypal. But again, you should check the vendor’s accepted modes of payment before concluding anything on your own.

A simple Google search that says “marijuana seed banks payment using PayPal” will give you a long list of cannabis seedbanks. Check four or more of these sites and determine that it does accept PayPal payments. You will find this information from the site’s initial page or from its terms and conditions section.

While cannabis seeds aren’t technically considered a “controlled substance” in most places, unfortunately, Paypal gets the discretion to decide what transactions constitute a violation of their rules. This is covered in Paypal’s User Agreement. This means that while a seedbank may operate for years accepting Paypal for seeds, it only takes one transaction to be flagged to potentially derail everything. Shops risk having their payments frozen and their accounts shut down.

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Online via Paypal?

Making purchases this way also affords you dispute resolution if there are any problems with a transaction, as well as purchase protection on anything you buy through Paypal. When it comes to Paypal and marijuana seeds in 2019, many buyers feel that this is a good insurance policy, especially if they’re purchasing from a little-known shop. (We’ll talk more about why that’s a bad idea, however, later in this article.)

If you buy weed seeds through Paypal and receive a batch of bad seeds from a little-known seedbank, it’s unlikely that Paypal is going to have any sympathy when you call them up or email them to tell them what you’ve purchased. You could even risk having your own account frozen or suspended due to purchasing items that violate Paypal’s policies.

In 2019, internet commerce is king. People go online to buy everything from furniture to clothing, e-books and electronics. They also go online to buy cannabis seeds.